#1 Virtual Reality News: Game & Gadget Reviews. #3Dnews

#1 Virtual Reality News: Game & Gadget Reviews. #3Dnews – https://youtu.be/TNWzYvucSNE

Do you want to know all the latest news of virtual reality and video games industry? Discussions about the latest High-Tech achievements and new 3D VR games reviews: you can explore more interesting facts watching Virtual Reality News!

• How to relieve the stress with the virtual reality?

• Why do the gamers need a diaper ?

• And who created the equivalent of a Hololens that costs 30 dollars ?

1) The price of original Microsoft Hololens VR glasses is about $3000. But there are some great British scientists who invented a 100 times cheaper version of the same device.

The name of this new device is ZapBox. The concept relies on you slotting your smartphone into a low-cost headset, before activating a ZapBox app which lets user to dive into a “world of interactive content.” ZapBox costs $30 but unfortunately it is not on sale yet.

2) The chinese released the first smartphone that records videos 360 degrees – Protruly Darling VR. This device has front and back 13 megapixel lenses with special built-in software, that is making the image. So far you can order Darling VR only in China and the price will be $590.

3) Canvas is a new app that makes 3d room models using 360 degrees camera. Application Canvas that was made for tablets, scans the space and saves the all of the proportions up to a millimeter. This app works together with special 3d Structure Sensor camera. The price of this set will be $380.

4) If you get stressful from your life – don’t worry! There is a possibility to get rid of it easily by using HTC VIVE system. Soon there will be release of a new app that helps to fight negative emotions. Titmouse and Viacom Next studios made up a new Smash Party game. The main idea of this game is to break everything and earn coins. The only problem is the release date that was not announced yet.

5) So far, psychologists have already proved that horror movies help to fight with negative emotions. I know that it sounds a bit weird but horror games also help with it. And now for having a good therapy you just need to get a VR . The first diaper that was made for gamers was released.
Red Barrels company made up very stylish diapers: those will look awesome if you would like to wear it outside. This interesting item was made specially for Outlast 2 game. Developers shared the fact that their game is that scary that everybody will need a diaper for sure. Now they are collecting money on Kickstarter and they almost have the whole amount they will need for release.

6) And for those who would rather play some kind of sports instead of watching horror movies we have got some good news. Two vr games were released for football and basketball players.
Ivanovich Games studio created a goalkeeper simulator for HTC VIVE. The game has 150 different levels, arcades, quick game and multiplayer. So, if you were dreaming of being a goalkeeper but were not ready to try it in real life the Final Goalie is what you need! The price of this game is only $4
7) Another game is available for Sony PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE and Samsung Gear VR. This is a basketball simulator that is based on NBA 2K17 game. This simulator is giving you an opportunity to hang out with Paul George, which is super cool. Also you can visit sports arena Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The price of this game is about $17.

8) The next app I am going to tell you about is absolutely free. Those who are in love with painting and can’t wait for release of Oculus Touch controllers would like to download it straight away.
Release of Oculus Touch controllers was appointed on the 6th of December. On the same date there will be another release of Quill app. This application can remind you a very famous Tilt Brush game that was made for HTC VIVE. But the Quill was considered as an app for professional artists. With the help of this app was made an amazing animation movie Dear Angelica.


#1 Virtual Reality News: Game & Gadget Reviews. #3Dnews – https://youtu.be/TNWzYvucSNE

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