10 Shocking Differences Between the Harry Potter Movies and Books

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Fans of the Harry Potter books who saw the movie adaptations found that there were a few plot points that the films either didn’t explain, didn’t capture fully or just flat out ignored. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Biggest differences between the Harry Potter books and their movie counterparts. But what will take the top spot on our list? The story behind Voldemort’s Parents, missing characters like Charlie Weasely, Teddy Lupin and Peeves, or the complete absence of St. Mungo’s hospital? Watch to find out!

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00:46 #10. Book: There’s a Sphinx in the Maze vs Movie: No Sphinx
01:48 #9. Book: Animagi Are Explained vs Movie: Animagi Are Not Really Explained
03:07 #8. Book: Peter Pettigrew Is Strangled to Death by His Silver Hand vs Movie: Peter Pettigrew Does Not Die
03:59 #7. Book: Harry Replaces the Elder Wand in Dumbledore’s Tomb vs Movie: Harry Breaks the Elder Wand and Throws It Away
05:03 #6. Book: House elves Are Mistreated, But Play Vital Roles vs Movie: House-elves Are Mostly Unimportant, Unseen
06:14 #5. Book: Harry & Hermione Miss Ron Separately vs Movie: Harry & Hermione Slow Dance to Cheer Up
07:18 #4. Book: Voldemort Dies Like a Human vs Movie: Voldemort Dies Like a Supernatural Creature
08:18 #3, #2 AND #1 ????

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27 thoughts on “10 Shocking Differences Between the Harry Potter Movies and Books

  1. 5 and 4 pissed me off so much, it was also scenes like 5 that made people think there was more to Harry and Hermione

  2. I don't agree with the evaluation of Voldemorts death. I think the movie version was much more appropriate than the book version.

  3. If you haven't red the books, explain who are peeves, Charlie Weasley, Ludo Bagman, Barny Weasley, Dennis Creevey, Marietta Edgecombe, Winky, professor Binns, Teddy Lupin and Hepzibah Smith. And there is MANY more things, like the midnight duel, the deathday party, squibs and FREAKING QUIDDITCH ON HARRYS 5TH YEAR, veelas, s.p.e.w, prefects Ron and Hermione, "Remember my last", Weasley is our king, 2 divination teachers, Saint Mungo's hospital, Merope Gaunt, and apparitions tests, and the list continues. See what you have missed by only watching the movies?

  4. i think the way he died in the movies are more fitting for his character. hes not really human. he looks like a snake because of his 7 horcruxes. he is a supernatural being in a way

  5. I PREFERRED the movie's final fate of the Elder Wand. Putting it in Dumbledore's tomb is stupid, because as long as the wand exists, greedy people will seek it, whether or not they can be the master of it. People would fuck up Dumbledore's tomb to get at it.

  6. this may be my personal opinion but if hp was or is done in the format of a full length TV series then it would definitely do the books a lot more justice than the movies did. as long as the acting was good and the plot and characters were relatable, it would make for a show a lot more decent than the movie adaptations. imo it would be a good move to do it through a streaming service like Netflix which made a better iteration of lemony Snicket's unfortunate events. Another good move would probably be to make it in an anime format where the character designs would be a lot more accurate and the directors would have an excuse to extend it for missing details which were really important for character development. Whilst I wonder if jk Rowling has ever actually thought of an anime adaptation, Id be curious to see the hidden details which were never explained in the films, as well as acting from harry that seems a lot less forced (and it's take on the character designs)

  7. #2 THO!!! One of my all time favorite scenes from the books was when Neville's mom gives him a candy wrapper and Neville kept it even though his grandmother wanted him to throw it away

  8. Harry destroying the elder wand was perhaps one of the best differences in the books to the screen when I was reading the book I was like ''ooh you are not gonna destroy the wand were hundreds of people would murder over so you could end it all it's not like you talked about it in a area full with wizards and witches''
    Movie version does it way better.

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