#2 Virtual Reality News: Game & Gadget Reviews. #3Dnews

#2 Virtual Reality News: Game & Gadget Reviews. #3Dnews – https://youtu.be/T5t6nB6PVCw

Do you want to know all the latest news of virtual reality and video games industry? Discussions about the latest High-Tech achievements and new 3D VR games reviews: you can explore more interesting facts watching Virtual Reality News!

• What yoga lovers need a virtual reality for?
• What was presented on AR conference in Moscow?
• How to change the real life into a shooting range?

1) Phantogeist – new smarthone app. Trixi studio created a very interesting app for smartphones that transforms the area into arena where you can fight with terrible monsters and different creatures.
The name of this shooter VR game is Phantogeist. The user will get such feelings like all of the monsters are real and they are all around, If to use this app with virtual reality glasses and controllers
In the future Phantogeist developers are planning to add a multiplayer mode. The Phantogeist game is already available to download on Google Play, but there is a problem that it will work only with those devices which have Google Tango platform – for example – Lenovo Phab 2. But we hope that this game will be available for all of the smartphones.

2) The most of Oculus Rift headset holders are waiting for Oculus Touch controllers. The release was appointed on the 6th of December and in honor of this event there will be also another release of a new shooter game.
PlaySide VR studio made up a Zombie Riot game where all of the shooter lovers can enjoy killing zombies. This is a horror, survival game, which has a huge weapons selection including a chainsaw. The graphics of this game is not that good to compare with a Brookhaven Experiment that was made for HTC VIVE.

3) Oculus Rift headset became a hero of parody on YouTube. Comedy bloggers have filmed an anti commercial video on this device but the Oculus company did not comment this commercial at all.
As you might know, Oculus headset was a hero for some other YouTube videos. So, the gadget even has been shown in an episode of a very popular movie South Park.

4) The Dark Souls 3 game producer has announced the possibility of adaptation this very popular game to VR. The announcement was made on Golden Joystick Awards 2016. The producer shared that developers team hope to make a VR game that will be based on Dark Souls motives. Most likely that we will get to know more information about this project on PlayStation Experience conference in December.

For those who have no idea about Souls franchising I would like to clarify that the Souls includes Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne and three parts of Dark Souls – and these are all from RPG collection. The difference between parts is difficulty of levels and graphics.

5) American Provata Health company decided to treat yoga lovers with a new virtual reality game Provata VR. Provata VR app also gives the opportunity to control the pulse rhythm and other indicators.

6) The next news I am going to tell you about are for kids and for their parents. New VR cartoon was released. The main character of this cartoon is a gull.
So far Gary the Gull the only virtual movie that you can find, that let user to communicate with a character and change his actions in different ways. In this game Gary will do everything to steal some food from you. So you will not get bored for sure!

#2 Virtual Reality News: Game & Gadget Reviews. #3Dnews – https://youtu.be/T5t6nB6PVCw

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