2012 Honda Civic Si Owner’s Critique

Soon after proudly owning both the eighth gen Si and now the ninth gen Si for numerous months, I feel I can do a much better assessment than when the car or truck was initial obtained. Soon after acquiring it for this time I acquired a much better feel for the car or truck, uncovered far more professionals and negatives about it and figured I would share with these fascinated.

How To Increase iMid Wallpaper: http://9thcivic.com/discussion board/threads/do-it-yourself-how-to-modify-your-i-mid-wallpaper.3256/
iMid Wallpaper found here: http://9thcivic.com/discussion board/threads/imid-wallpapers.2632/

What is actually on the car or truck in this specific movie:
-35% Tints
-Yellow foglight overlays
-Entrance and Rear HFP lip
-6000k HIDs

38 thoughts on “2012 Honda Civic Si Owner’s Critique

  1. I have heard a lot about the controls feeling week and made of cheap plastic. Reason being…I rescued a Siberian husky about 6 months after I got the car. Needless to say I was very worried about letting her in it. I can totally back you up about the hair in the seats. Its very easy to clean considering the breed I have. Also nothing has broken in my car as a result of "cheap plastic".

  2. Thank you for this honest review of your Si. I am also a Accord owner and could not part with her. My Si has enough pep and is plenty fun to drive. If I wanted 750 Hp on the tires, I would spend at least $15,000 more but Im not looking for that. QUALITY, STYLING and more importantly DEPENDABILITY are more important to me. Thus, I purchased the Honda Civic. If my Accord has over 260k miles on her and is still strong as when I first drive her off the lot and has given me over 18 years if worry free problems you can keep your other brand cars with turbo and mufflers that go put put that burns out in a few months. 

  3. i own an 01 Honda prelude base h23a vtec and honestly,i would never own a newer Honda due to the fact that their just out of touch on what people want. I mean the last true HONDA was the s2000. Before that was the prelude, then 01 si, 95 si hatch,del sol,and the crx. After the s2000, basically Honda was just a Toyota with Honda emblems. Their heavy, slower then older Hondas, and still fwd! For my prelude which has close to 100,000 miles to beat a 2013 si is just ridiculous. Honda went downhill

  4. i like the car but the k20 was just a rev happy torqueless fun engine…style im starting to like…id honestly say to anyone who wants a faster car for around the samemoney…mazdaspeed 3 will kill this car…factory boost is amazing

  5. Not sure if it makes a difference to you or not but the 12 & 13 civics (both sedan and coupe) can interchange its parts. Coupe fronts on sedans, 12 trunks on 13s etc

  6. I want a sedan for sure I have a coupe right now I'm thinking the 13 but I'm not feeling the spoiler on it lolololololololololololol

  7. Unless you owned an 8th gen or other car that has a higher redline, most don't go over 7k anyways. I have a 2013 SI sedan and one thing I noticed to add on to what you said is that it has a lot of body roll even when you're not cornering that fast.

  8. On a day to day basis with the car, redline does not make a difference. Unless you redline and race everyone on the road every day, it will not make a difference as a daily driver. When you install any bolt-ons the redline changes. Flashpro makes the redline change. It's not like 7000 is the set and only redline the car will have.

  9. r u serious ……. the fact it revs to 7000 MAKES ALL THE DIFFERNECE ow my how can u say that owning a 8th gen before lol ow my so terrible i take back my previous comment

  10. your so right about a lot i appreciate this review … just 8th interior is a lot nicer build quality

  11. No reason to laugh at you. To be honest, I haven't the slightest clue myself. I never knew Australia got an Si as well. The Type R is usually if not always better than the Si. The US has more restrictions so we don't get as much power in the Si as the Type R usually does.

  12. In Australia we have the civic Si Hatch, totally different Si than the American version (carries the exact same engine power torques etc as a standard Civic VTI). So here's a crazy guess without doing any research (so please laugh at me if i'm wrong), Honda released the Civic type R in Aus and gave the USA the true Si? I guess the two models do share lots of things in common. Dont get me wrong i absolutely adore them both though to me the type R is closer. 

  13. Because this wasn't scripted and all done in 1 go. I'm pretty sure I mentioned in the video I probably forgot some things and to ask about them in the comments. IMO the clutch and shifting is way smoother than the 8th and a huge improvement over the previous transmission.

  14. I am currenty waiting on my 2013 Si to hit the lot. Good review the 12 to 13 coupe is the same minus a few features and interior touch ups.

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