2013 Cadillac ATS first drive | Consumer Reports

A rare clean-sheet design from GM, the Cadillac ATS takes aim at the big selling BMW 3-Series sports sedan. Consumer Reports sizes up the battle between a pair of surprisingly even-matched rivals. Read our blog for more details on the 2013 Cadillac ATS: http://bit.ly/Ty1D1c

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40 thoughts on “2013 Cadillac ATS first drive | Consumer Reports

  1. WTF is this don't compare this damn ATS with the BMW BMW is for ever for me. ATS os like a. Cts for old people and BMW is sporty luxury idc is it 4 cylinder better than the fugky back and front. Makes me want to puke really not kidding I would take a. Chrysler. Str8 2007. Or a CTS v caddilac!

  2. That may have been true 20 YEARS ago but, Cadillac is in the top 5 spot year after year after year now. It just ousted the Lexus out for the number one car for customer satisfaction. In fact, G.M. has more vehicles in the top one spot than any other car maker on earth.

    Cadillac doesn't just build great luxury cars, you know…

    They build CADILLACS♥

  3. Designed from scratch? The ATS looks like GM recycled 2002-2007 CTS' that people didn't buy. Lazy design.

  4. Not as sweet as, a BMW inline 6?? WTF.! The Caddy's 6 makes more Hp. for crying out loud.. What more does this guy need???

  5. Another piece of junk from Government Motors, what a surprise. Take that Mexican junk back across the border.

  6. to bad cadillac got lot of reliability issues. esp. electronics( made in mexico). I worked on cars for 15 years. and no diff in bimmers.. hate to say this but the japanese brand are way more reliable

  7. GM's BIG DREAM, only sold less than 8% of 3series sold around the globe, and ATS wants to kick butt, lol

  8. You mean VERY optimistic compared to the BMW's 2.0L. The bimmer spanks it by quite a bit in every test I've seen (aside from GM owned MotorTrend).

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the 2.0L BMW 328i will be closer in performance to the 3.6L ATS that the 2.0L model.

  9. Who do you think will buy these? The ONLY people I see in a NEWER Cadillacs are very old people that probably shouldn't be on the road.

  10. Nah. I would still get the C250 over this. I guess it's probably the Cadillac's styling that is a turn off.
    Also independent testing shows that the 2.0T engine in the Cadillac is tad optimistic compared to the Germans which almost slightly underrate their powerplants.

  11. The reason why the CUE system is made in nearly all new and future Cadillacs is because 1) to compete with Lincoln's MyFord Touch and 2) to compete against other luxury cars in terms of complicated controls. It is fussy, but they do it to be competitive, and avoid getting sued by other automakers.

  12. Long lost twin brother you say, seeing that the 3er has been out since the 70's and Cadillac was making lovely land yachts during that time.

  13. Other the CUE – Caddy nailed it! -I would prefer it over 3 series tho – there are just to many of them and this car certainly sticks out in the crowd with it`s Teutonic sharp styling – thumbs up for Cadillac!

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