2013 Honda Accord first drive | Consumer Reports

Redesigned for 2013, the Honda Accord manages to be shorter, roomier, and more fuel efficient. Handling and features are improved. That’s important in an extremely competitive family sedan market. Read our blog post for more details: http://bit.ly/RLM8ai

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44 thoughts on “2013 Honda Accord first drive | Consumer Reports

  1. the guy says Honda has a lot of competition, only real competition they have is Toyota, Subaru and Nissan, everyone else with half a brain knows the domestics are throw away junk compared to imports

  2. A sport model consist of a spoiler and 18" wheels?  That's all?  Camry SE comes with tighter suspension, paddle shifters (with a real 6-speed automatic, instead of a belt-drive), tighter steering, different grill and rear spoiler.  I will take the Camry SE instead.  Better car, less money!

  3. I have a '13 Honda Accord EX Sedan 2.4L 6MT and I love it.  Not everything is perfect about it, but you could spend twice as much and still not have a perfect car.  Seats are comfortable, there's plenty of room for five, the I4 has plenty of zip and gets good gas mileage.

    The drive by wire throttle and steering are excellent and the McPherson struts, which Honda is supposed to tweaked quite a bit are the best I personally have ever driven.

    Even with FWD, the car handles exceptionally well for a midsize family sedan.

    The carpeting is a little on the thin side, but that's about the only complaint I can think of involving the interior and that hasn't had any adverse effect on the comfort and driveability of the car.

    And if my opinion isn't enough, I get a lot of compliments on the car, even from passersby.

    I personally think the V6 is overkill, but for those who need 278hp, go for it.  The VCM is very smooth and saves fuel just as it's supposed to.

    The extra 300lbs up front affects the weight ratio, but I don't hear anyone complaining about it, although it can't help but affect handling to some degree, but probably most don't push the limits of handling as I often do.

  4. OK bought a new 2014 Accord and with 1400 miles on it It has had 4 radiators in it and Honda say there is nothing they can do that it has been repaired we wanted to trade for another car but they said they could not do that we have had Hondas all our lives but no more!!!

  5. , I like my honda, but I can't  believe a 2013 Honda Accord do not have a side view mirror defogger and I had to purchase new wiper blades after  five month. The car rides nice in the snow without the traction button on. The heating system is good only if you put on two pair of sox because the base of the car does not give good heat even at the highest temperature whereas, the upper heating is great if it's 0n high.

  6. Accord will stand the test of time and will always be at the top of its class!  But like its predecessors, the chassis is capable of more!  That's why I swapped a newer motor into it!  Check out my channel and see!  If you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE!  Thanks!

  7. Re the Honda Accord 2013: It says in my manual on page 298: "Files on USB flash drive are played in their stored order. This order may be different from the order displayed on your PC or device." On Page 285, the "Music Search List" should be called "Music Browse List". Honda has no plans to update the software so USB music can be searched. The system is almost useless and dangerous.

  8. You forgot the dual exhausts, fog lights and more horse power etc..in the beginning for the sport that goes with the bigger wheels and spoiler.

  9. You wish you can get into a Lexus for under $30k brand-new.
    Yes, you can go for the Titanium 2.0T AWD loaded options and hit low 40s, but a basic SE model 1.6T and leave the options list empty, you can walk away with a all new Fusion for ~28k.

  10. This car has a stiff ride. It feels stiffer than the 2010 Civic. I'd expect a bigger car to be a bit more floaty.

  11. I don't hate the Accord, but just like a Corolla, these isn't much to say about it. It does the 'family sedan for 5' very well, it's comfortable, well-built and has good fuel economy and as common as trees.
    Demerit? Styling did improved compared to the old car, but with cars like the Mazda 6 and Ford Fusion out now…it looks decisively bland.

  12. I just bought a 2013 Accord. I find it on the big side. I wish I would have bought a compact car. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get used to it, just need time. Overall, the quality of the car is good.

  13. I think everything is relative. Toyota has been known for a slightly quieter ride, but that doesn't mean Hondas are loud by any means. The average driver probably wouldn't even notice much of a difference. Remember– it's possible to share your experience and opinions without calling people names.

  14. transmission problems, engine check lights, over heating…all problems of hondas we've owned. toyota horse fucks honda in reliability.

  15. I just test drove the 2013 Honda Accord Sport. It is da bomb. It feels like an Lexus. It has a lot of performance for merging into traffic. The steering is very easy to turn and there is almost no road noise. I am selling my Camry 04' and getting this. Sport will save you money.

  16. nice engine, ugly design…hyundai bad engines but outstanding designs(Elantra, Sonata)..I'd take the Camry over this..!!

  17. In my experience, the really, truly manly guys, driving these puny little import sedans have the biggest HOOHOOS. The guys in the big, jacked-up 4WD drive "he-man" trucks on the other hand…

  18. Why are all these CR reviewers these weakly, effeminite males doing these reviews..

    No wonder they're always pushing the import brands.

  19. Oh Lu.. we all know you gooks have the army ant mentality. Always pushing your export agenda..

    Truth is your cars are marginal/ equal in quality today and in some cases poorer in quality than US. I believe Japan automakers TRIPLED domesics in recalls this year..

  20. Same color to honda sport 2013 cost=21,800$ dual exhaust fabric even have pandora with a phone and iPod and conncter it's good

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