2014 BMW 4 Series Review | Consumer Reports

The 4 Series is new nomenclature for the BMW 3 Series coupe and convertible. Even with all of the optional enthusiast goodies, we find the 435i tends more towards mature enjoyment than out-and-out excitement. Watch more videos: http://bit.ly/17X4NGj

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36 thoughts on “2014 BMW 4 Series Review | Consumer Reports

  1. BMW charged more for the old 3 series coup'e over the saloon. So what's the big deal with them doing the same with the 4 over the 3?

  2. What a cock. Somebody that's nobody going to buy? You stupid yank. Go back to your Cherokee or ford.

  3. How is it confusing? Lol even number for the coupes or the gran coupes and the odd numbers for the saloon cars. Simple!

  4. Almost 50k for this? Are you kidding me? The car look dated and does not provide all the modern day safety features we come to expect from a luxury brand. I can get a Prius fully loaded and still have tons of money left over. C'mon BMW! Have you guys seen the 2015 C-class or Lexus IS?

  5. Got a loaner 2014 328i recently and hated it. None of the 3 modes (sport, comfort, eco) are very good at what they do. Bluetooth kept disconnecting. Start-stop is unpredictable on a manual transmission. The car feels like a Lexus. What's the point?

  6. I'm not bothered by moderately salty words, but you're not impressing people by using them… Just seems very phony.

  7. Is the economy that good that these guys are making more model cars? You now have 1 series, 4 series, x1 A3 and A5. BMW will soon have a X2 and X4.

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