20140608 Ep 28 Tokyo Tonight – 11pm LIVE Japan Gadgets, Travel and News!

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Hi! I’m a Kiwi video blogger based in Tokyo for nearly 15 years. As well as a weekly talk show I do each Wednesday with Gimmeaflakeman talking about life in Japan, I make videos about life in Tokyo and greater Japan, talking about topics from Japanese language, to lifestyle tips, to politics and culture. I also make videos in Japanese with English subtitles for those who want bilingual content. Subscribe to see regular vids!


9 thoughts on “20140608 Ep 28 Tokyo Tonight – 11pm LIVE Japan Gadgets, Travel and News!

  1. Glad you liked it! I'm in Auckland so couldn't stick around to watch it live sorry. After reading the article I spent about an hour trying to think of the future behind me and the past in front of me – without much avail. Is there anywhere that is an encyclopaedia of those Japanese customs/ interactions that could just be rote learned? 
    One day I will get around to making videos, but I end up getting side-tracked watching them instead. Lyci (lee-sea).

  2. I agree that Japanese citizens should be able to make changes to the constitution specifically for military demands. I'm not saying the U.S. is weak but the U.S. just has too much going on to be able to stop China in a full blown conflict. If Japanese people want to be  apart of a military then they should be able to. 

  3. Just moved to Japan on Friday and have been very busy with setting up related tasks the past 3 days.  Finally have a free day tomorrow and would like a suggestion on how to have a great but cheap day out sightseeing?  I am in Musashi Kosugi area.  Thanks for any input!

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