2015 Buick Encore Review by Average Guy Car Reviews

This vehicle is marketed as a “compact SUV”….here’s my take on it.

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19 thoughts on “2015 Buick Encore Review by Average Guy Car Reviews

  1. I recently saw a review via MikesCarInfo @ https://youtu.be/1xjWTC6kkQE

    I've always had Foreign-made vehicles, but I must admit that I said I would NEVER do Domestic …. Mike's 2015 Buick Encore Leather 4WD Video had me extremely excited & looking forward to a test drive. I have no children & pretty petite so this size would be just perfect! Then I look/listen to your video … why must you be so …. blatantly opinionated? Just tell about the vehicle's pros & cons (professionally) and keep it moving. You are not talking to your homeboys here. Coming from a sista. Peace.

    Oh yeah, I would ask how is it on bumpy roads, against the wind. The suspension. If it hugs the road. If it's fun to drive long distances…easy to park … but I can't tell if you even drove it. ūüôĀ

  2. So, you know, what do you think, you know, of this, you know, Buick? What a crass review. I have the UK version of this car (Vauxhall Mokka) and it is excellent. I guess you prefer pimping it large in an Escalade.

  3. you do realize this is a compact utility vehicle.¬† Saying its comparable in size to a yaris is probably because its a sport ute version of the type of car a yaris is.¬† This thing is for people in cities who need to deal with parallel parking and tight spaces but want higher position, a station wagon like ability to move larger objects, and have to deal with high gas prices.¬† Its the same size roughly as the chevy sonic…which competes with the yaris in size.¬† Also the review seemed 100% based on size…which is strange to do with a compact car, utility or not, its a compact and your whining about back seat space…if you didn't want small…why are you sitting in a compact utility vehicle?¬† You know what compact means right?¬† Did you expect it to be as large as the blazer?¬† I mean you did look at the thing before stepping into it right, the things tiny, and that's its selling point.¬† If it was an actual review of the car not its backseat you might have found some things negative about it that were legit.¬† Crying about backseat room in a compact is retarded…people buy this because its so small…understand?

  4. You realize this is a CUV and not a full or mid size SUV.  You also did not test drive it so how can you call this vehicle trash.  Your review started out helpful but you went down hill from there with the trash talk.  I have no respect for your review nor will I base my decision to purchase this vehicle based on your comments.  I am on to another channel for a professional review where they don't say this is a vehicle on a car frame with a bigger something or other. You also left out that this vehicle has a 5 star safety rating.

  5. Thanks!! Lately, I've been thinking about it but I think I'm going to continue my search towards the Honda CRV

  6. I have the VERANO which is VERY QUIET- HOWEVER, I rented the ENCORE and it was the opposite VERY NOISY- NOISY as in NOTICEABLE to everyone. The interior button layout is exactly the same as the Verano and solid build and fit. It was small but ok.

  7. I have the Buick Encore and honestly your review is trash. This is a crossover vehicle, meaning it is basically an SUV sitting on a car frame. The backseat isn't supposed to be big. If you want a big backseat then you need to get a full size SUV. Do you actually test drive these vehicles or do you just sit in them for 5 minutes and base your opinion on that?

  8. Yes your right  bro Chevrolet has their own  version of the same vehicle called the Trax.  A Chevrolet Trax rebadged as a Buick. GM did the same shit back in the 80's with the Cadillac Cimarron aka Chevrolet Cavalier. GM  took a mediocre car that they already had in production like the Cavalier, change the name, add leather seats & chrome trim, a few creature comforts, put a Cadillac badge on it and a call it a day. Same thing with this Buick Encore. GM trying to pass off a mediocre car as a luxury car.

     Did you know that this Buick Encore/Chevrolet Trax is built on the same platform as the Chevrolet Aveo & Sonic LOL?  I always thought GM cars where garbage next to Chrysler bro. The only GM product I would ever consider buying if I was in the market for a new/used car is the Corvette or Camaro.

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