2015 Dodge Dart Test Drive/Review by Average Guy Car Reviews

2015 Dodge Dart reviewed by a regular person.

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7 thoughts on “2015 Dodge Dart Test Drive/Review by Average Guy Car Reviews

  1. I'm just curious as to what information you are basing your comments about reliability upon. Or is it just simply an opinion of doubt. You test drove the base model so of course it will be lacking in numerous categories.

    Although it was humorous at times, it is hard to take this review seriously when you are speaking on a biased standpoint about previous and irrelevant past experiences with a personal vehicle. The whole point of a review is to focus on the present, not the past.

  2. Get your facts right. The Dart doesn't replace the Avenger, it replaces the Caliber. The Avenger was abandoned in favor of the Charger. The Dart's not the same platform as the 200, it's an Alfa-Roméo chassis, completely different. Your BASE model has an anemic engine for the car. Step up to the next trim and you get all the goodies (back-up camera, soft trim pieces, etc).

    Also, you can't say it's unreliable. My GT has 25K miles on it and I had literally nothing to do on it.
    If you can't review a car fairly because you just don't like the brand (you even said so yourself), then just don't and save us all some time.

  3. I have the same car and I love dodge nothing has happened to me in a dodge vehicle. My car is smooth and quiet, idk why you don't like dodge. You don't like dodge but your looking at dodge and driving a dodge vehicle. Well I love dodge and my car has a good amount of space in the backseat.

  4. This is a perfect example why the Chrysler Corporation almost went belly up back in the 80's bro!   Thanks to a government bailout and Lee Iacocca the President & CEO of Chrysler at the time saved the company from its inevitable demise. The only time you would've heard about Chrysler now is on the History Channel. Chrysler has never built any small reliable cars that people actually wanted to buy. For example the Dodge/Plymouth Neon was a joke. I never like Chrysler's anyway. The only time I ever consider buying a Chrysler product was a Eagle Talon which is nothing more than a rebadged Mitsubishi Eclipse. You think the hacks at Chrysler would learn from the past mistakes bro!

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