2015 Ford Fusion 1.5L EcoBoost -60 MPH Review: Small but Mighty?

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Ford Fusion with the small 1.5L EcoBoost motor is a very uncommon vehicle. It can be a mid-sized loved ones sedan with a very small displacement motor. So can this 2015 Ford Fusion be both of those gasoline economical and quick. Join Nathan guiding the driver’s seat as he finds out in this TFLcar Examination Monitor movie.

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43 thoughts on “2015 Ford Fusion 1.5L EcoBoost -60 MPH Review: Small but Mighty?

  1. I've driven an eco boost fusion and 0 to 60 is fast idk how he's driving it so slow and traction control is under driver assistance

  2. People fight over what car is better on all these types of videos… this is about the Fusion, not other cars. Grow the fuck up. The emotional attachment to objects is unbelievable and makes you look like a bitch.

  3. with some bolt ons and livernois tune i got mine down to 7.3 on flat ground at about 1000ft elevation truly impressive how powerful these small engines are

  4. Trust me….They are NOT in my future. I just bought a 2016 Ford Escape SE yesterday and I made sure that it had the 2.5 in it. Turbos suck. Just one more thing to break down…one more exspense. AND….you have to pay more to run them. Premium gas has no future with me.

  5. Gotta tell ya…..I am no fan of turbo chargers. I'll take a naturally aspirated engine any day of the week and twice on Sunday. But that's me. Other opinions will vary I'm sure.

  6. For the 2016 Ford Fusion they offer 3 engines

    Base 2.5L 4cyl, 1.5L Turbo'd 4cyl, 2.0L Turbo'd 4cyl

    Is anyone hearing anything about which of the 2 turbo motors is more reliable? / less reliable

  7. How stupid this test is . All fusions with automatics take off in second gear , in order to make it take off fast it has to be shift to sport mode and shift manually from FIRST GEAR.

  8. I went with the Fusion. It just handles so much better than the rest. Every car out there, especially in the mid-size sedan class, is going to have shortfalls. You just have to pick which ones you are willing to deal with.

  9. I would have expected a better time for a turbo engine, as they usually really shine at elevation.

  10. I have a 2014 Fusion se 1.5…and umm.. well I hate to say this but the 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT 8 I had…got better MPG…I was averaging 8-9 litres per 100kms, and the Fusion is averaging between 10-12 per 100kms…the engine is too small for the car, Even when I granny the thing…

  11. When I graduate for college with my BSET in mechanical engineering technology. I will take a late 90s Mazda Miata custom fabricated rear mounts for a aftermarket transaxle and put a 3.5 Eco boost in the front with custom fab motor mounts and tune it with 670 hp with twin Garrett gt28r turbos and upgraded internals. Modified 3.5 Eco boost in the front where the original engine was and 6 speed transaxle to the place of the original axle with a carbon fiber driveshaft in between the engine and transaxle. After the modifications I will drift course it, drag race it, track race it, and daily drive it.

  12. Truly is amazing how they are engineering cars nowadays. I have a 96 Honda Accord EX w/ VTEC. Back in the 90s, they needed a 2.2L 4 cyl to produce 140HP. my 0-60 time at 1000ft above Sea level is about 11 sec in that car with no juice before starting. Just got new tires so I may try it out. But man, my car still avgs 20mpg only… lol, i need a newer more fuel efficient car. Wish Honda would start doing this to their engines in the Accords or Civics. Even a Fit would be great use of a turbo, make that Sport model Sporty, besides just aesthetics.

  13. Ten seconds.. meh it's OK.  Most people buying this car with this motor isn't concerned about zero to sixty.  And if they were, well they chose the wrong car.

  14. I Have at  2013 golf 1.4TSI @160Hp,  cruising at 60 mi/h I get arround  4.3 L/100km  or  55 MPG, and 0-60 in arround 8 secs, so yeah Im  happy with my tiny engine.

  15. 91.5 cuin. way to go Ford. These young folks don't know about Honda had a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder that made 1000hp. Saab had a 2.0 back in an 87 9000 turbo that made 160 hp. I think the engine was under rated because that car weighed 3000+pound and was 0 to 60 n 7.6  5speed manual and topped out at 135 mph.

  16. Interesting in what Ford is doing here.  I have no problems with a small displacement boosted motor as long as it's built right, has plenty of overhead in cooling and has a well matched turbo.  (Emphasis on cooling and durability).  What would be even more interesting is if Ford were to build these smaller engines using Compacted Graphite Iron like the do with the 2.7 Ecoboost V6.  The 1.0 liter turbo with this material could easily make 200-300 hp reliably.  Great vid Nathan, keep up the good work.

  17. I love the styling of the fusion very sexy. And this is coming from a die hard Chevy fan as for the tiny 1.4 turbo it's got a lot of pep in it's step I guess I can understand from a manufacturers stand point they are doing away with the traditional V6 in favor of a 4 cylinder turbo you'll get all the fuel economy of a 4 cylinder but also have the power of a V6 Just in turbocharged form. Come to think of it I believe there are only two car companies that still put a V6 in their midsizes those being Honda and Toyota 

  18. I HATE when these numbnuts sit in these cars, in Park, and revvvvv the engines to redline!!    Nathan couldn't find his own ass with his buddy's shovel.

  19. I wouldn't trust fords 1.5 ecoboost bc ford isn't good with making reliable engines and transmissions in cars although the fusion is a very nice looking car , I would probably get it get the 2.5L i4

  20. I have a 2013 2.5 6SP Auto.  I get 30MPG on the HWY….but I do mostly HWY miles.  I've done 76,000 miles in 2 years….I've kept up with the oil changes etc, only had to change the rear brakes and rotors last week, so not bad.  It's comfortable to drive but lacking in power…..but you trade that off for the 30MPG.  When you pass someone you have to gauge the time and space you have.  I also have a 4.2 V8 Supercharged Jaguar (R Type) – puts out 400BHP – My Jag flys!!!!  even without pushing it hard it will rocket to 60MPH in 5 seconds…..passing someone is insanely quick, I love it!

  21. Woow what a load of poop. I have an Audi A3 2.0TDI puts out 170bhp. 60mpg + long journey 40mpg + town journey. Pulls like a train in all gears, looks good and cheaper than this!

  22. Did you know that the new Mustang shares nearly the same headlight design as the Fusion?
    Do you also know that the Escape and Focus have the same design?

  23. Fords kick ASS!!!  You can't tell ANYBODY that they are underpowered.  HELL NO!!!  They're alot better than what you all fucking think so I don't want to fucking hear it!!!

  24. It's not impressive.. The Nissan Altima has a 2.5L Inline 4 with 182HP and it gets 38MPG since 2013 redesign. This car has a 1L smaller engine and still gets 2 Miles less per gallon. Not impressive Ford. 

  25. Everyone has forgotten that you can still get the fusion with the naturally aspirated 2.5(non turbo) and get the same numbers as Accord 2.4 and Altima 2.5 models.

  26. Last year I checked out the 2014 Fusion Titanium with the 2.0 AWD Ecoboost, fully loaded, $38,000! wtf? It's a nice car but man oh man, almost $40k fully loaded!


  28. I'm sorry but how is this guy reviewing cars full stop. He simply has no idea on how to drive let alone do a test run. My goodness, " where is the traction control "? It's good to know you are putting in some effort in getting to know the car that you about to review. After all, you have tested tons of this model. ???

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