2015 GMC Yukon 4 wheel drive Off-Street Assessment on Everyman Driver

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44 thoughts on “2015 GMC Yukon 4 wheel drive Off-Street Assessment on Everyman Driver

  1. Really nice results considering that the Yukon is really a luxury SUV. I'm not a luxury vehicle person, but I have always liked the Tahoe and the Yukon.

  2. الزبدا كيف أدائه فالبر هههههههههههههههههههههههههه و الباقي على شحم

  3. First video I've seen on this channel and the host may not be super knowledgeable on 4 wheel gearing, or its uses.. haha, but I def enjoyed the video more than a lot of the other other offroad reviews. This guy isn't afraid to have some fun with it.

  4. the oem tires are the greatest downfall here, i have a 2016 sierra all terrain and it is a huge dissapointment in mud and snow on the factory tires

  5. I get 18-22 mpg at 60/40 hwy/city in a 2015 6.2L Denali.. mpg does drop if you're cruising over 80 or with lots of city driving, though. Regardless, love the Yukon and Denali. The HUD upgrade is worth the money. Offroad I've had no problems in thick snow/ice going to and from a couple of of resorts in CO. Also, the auto-brake kicked in the other day when a car backed out in front of me. Would be nice to see some more video!

  6. Thank you for the review. I am looking for an SUV to go off road sometimes. This is a really nice car, with a lot of new technology and safety features.

  7. Dave your car/truck reviews are about the best I have watched and I watch alot of them. Thank you for all the information, keep up the good work.

  8. What complete moron doesn't even know how to put the truck into 4low but makes a fucking off-road review and puts it on YouTube and asks for donations. So EveryMan Driver learn how a fucking car/truck works before you review it, then sell your cameras and get the fuck off YouTube because I don't know how someone can be that bad at their "job" and ask for donations.

  9. 95% of yukon drivers will never do offroad- but good to know he CAN…;-)btw. i HATE this fckin mercedes ads !!! :- ()

  10. What a joke … this is not an off road vehicle.

    Crap economy … these new SUV's are not made to be used for any real utility.

  11. gods I hate the new traction control…. it use to be just control slides and shit through braking not this horseshit useless cut horsepower and said power to the wheel that willl make it more stuck

  12. Wouldn't 4 High be a better option on mud or ice?  Seems like the last thing you'd want on a slick surface is increased torque.   I actually find the usefulness of 4 Low to be questionable anywhere but on dry/rocky technical stuff out West.

  13. Couple comments:
    – First off, it's nice to see a 'real' off roading video on a new car! A lot of 'off road' videos out there are sponsored events and are literally nothing much more than just a dirt road with some puddles. Nice job!
    – Sometimes it takes a couple thousand miles for the engine, and drive train, to fully loosen up, so it's not uncommon for the MPG numbers to jump up between brand spanking new and ~5,000 miles or so.
    – If the transfer case like the old versions (and I presume it is) you have to put the transmission in neutral to shift into 4 low. I suspect (and noticed when you went to climb the muddy bank) that it was never actually in 4 low.

    Overall, a very nice job though and was a heck of a lot better than the majority of the 'off road' videos that I don't even bother with anymore! Well done!

  14. Haters on here bad mouthing a truck the claim they hate instead of praising a vehicle they love on its site.

  15. Wow, getting up that 2nd hill so easily in 4HI is damn impressive for a stock vehicle – particularly a brand new one with (relatively) low profile tires.

  16. i have the SLE version o fthsi model, i get 22-24 mpg on the freeway consistently..17-18 city. What a great vehicle so far, awesome riding too

  17. To switch into 4 low you needed to put it in neutral. if you don't it will go right back into 2wd. So he was never in 4 low

  18. I wish one of these car review shows would test the GMC Savana 1500 AWD. I would love to see how it compares to full size SUV's offroad in stock form.

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