2015 Honda Fit LX Hands-on Consumer Review (CVT and Sport Mode 0 to 60) – Part 4

This is a review for the CVT and Sport Mode in a 2015 Honda Fit. Check out the video for 0 to 60 comparison times between the driving modes.

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29 thoughts on “2015 Honda Fit LX Hands-on Consumer Review (CVT and Sport Mode 0 to 60) – Part 4

  1. Hey hey so I got 2017 Honda Fit base model !! Totally loving the car. Ok so I play around the S mode … always better to use it while in D mode first then shift to S mode .. better for the car. Everyone listen this car is not a sports car … S mode just gives a little more boost but 0-60 on D only about little over 8 seconds. This car does handle very well and fun to drive but isn't a "sport car" . In the future I will be driving the type R 🙂 now that would be soo much fun !

  2. You did it wrong. Make sure you're using S1 before starting by shifting to S and pressing – paddle. You'll see the difference.

  3. The CVT transmission is not for 0 to 60 races. its very good at roll starts from 20-30-40… any speed, but not from 0 mhp. And its very comfort. At my opinion Honda's CVT transmission is one of the best not expensive automatic transmission for the everyday city car with the small engine. The manual is better and faster only in 0-60 starts. Any other conditions- CVT rules! =)

  4. Just wondering , while driving, can you shift fron D to S mode? Will it damage the gear box?

  5. The initial numbers are somewhat of a bummer, in view of my own 2015 EX Fit. However, the EX with CVT DOES come with paddle shifters. Not that it would be a lot quicker with them, but I'm hoping at least closer, to some of the zero to sixty times seen in publications. However, I'm not going to thrash my new Fit just to get numbers, at this point. All told, thanks for the clip.

  6. Many thanks for your Fit review series. Some car review sites show under 9 sec 0-60 for the CVT. Were you on a hill? I wonder why 0-60 is over 10 sec.

  7. Thank you for a very thorough car review. I'm in the market and I'm thinking seriously about getting the Honda Fit. 

  8. I enjoyed the comparison, but surprised you didn't include a 0-60 using the paddle shifters as well. 

  9. Could you comment on the Highway road noise? I've heard it's much worse than other cars in this class. I really would like to know.

  10. Try doing 0-60 on L-gear I got 7.3 seconds.  Just gotta pump your gas paddle 2-3 times and it works wonders.  ALL STOCK

  11. jdm civic ek3 use to come cvt vi and vi rs also vti… no torque converter just a flywheel

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