2015 Hyundai Veloster Test Drive/Review by Average Guy Car Reviews

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21 thoughts on “2015 Hyundai Veloster Test Drive/Review by Average Guy Car Reviews

  1. the rear seats lay down forward for lot of rear space storage if you need it.. and it has overdrive 6 speed automatic  for very quick take off that he didn't show.. it's lots of fun to drive.it has voice assistant to find addresses and navigate, make calls, find gas stations. rear back up camera, blue link (witch is Hyundai version of On Star)My husband is 6 Ft tall and sat behind an adult in the passenger seat and he had plenty of room , go test drive it.. don't go by this review..

  2. These cars are cheap junk. Why anybody would want a little car like this with no room is crazy. It's made cheap and won't last.

  3. Steering wheel tilts and telescopes. You might want to remember that next time, instead of crying "glove don't fit."

  4. did hyundai get all the problems wrong with these cars,,like transmission problems,,,shutting off problems….steering problerms.. the screen is suppose to chime when the car starts,,,did they fix the heater switch problems..

  5. I'm not sure why people don't understand the usefulness of a 3rd door. It's conceal and hidden well, so it still looks like a coupe, but you have the advantage of being able to put things in the backseat without having to slide the seat up forward. People can get in and out easier, too without having the driver always get out of the car. The driver can stay in the car while passengers get in and out on the other side. It's functional and makes perfect sense! If you ever put boxes or other luggage in the car, think about how inconvenient it is to pull the seat forward and still have to diagonally put things in the back seat. Now with the 3rd door, it's like any other sedan where you can just place it in the backseat and remove it easily when you don't want to or need to use the trunk.

  6. "Na the Veloster does it different."

    I like that quote. Anyway, I rate this vehicle a four out of five.

  7. This isn't really the "sports car" model. The turbo version is, but this one is more geared towards fuel economy. It's rated at 27/37mpg, but turn off the ac and your mpg is actually fairly close to a prius like around 50hwy. Turn off eco mode when you have to haul ass or need to climb some hills, it's only 138 hp. It's got a huge deep trunk with the back seats folded, I've carried a few pieces of 2×4 lumber and 8 ft long pieces of shelving boards. This was my daily driver for awhile now I got the turbo version which is 201 hp. Sure there are plenty of choices this price range, but most are plain looking cars with no personality whatsoever. Seriously, stop trying to race $20k cars, trying to tune them, and dropping tens of thousands of dollars on aftermarket parts on it. Go buy a $35k-100k car and start with that.

  8. Is there a good alternative you suggest for this car at the same price point? This is the cheapest car I've seen with it's features and aesthetic. I took a test drive on a very smooth road and could hear it a little too much. Out of all the negatives you mentioned the hallow sound would bother me the most.

  9. Very interesting video to me, since I'm planning on buying a new car next year. Right now, the Veloster is on top of my list.

  10. He said:" Its a weird spot for  the window control " yet, he had his finger on the electric mirror control!-Windows go up and down. The mirrors are attached to the mirror casing on the outside of the car. Sheesh.

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