2015 Subaru Outback three.6R Constrained

The family’s hiking buddy carries on down the similar route with upgraded gear.

30 thoughts on “2015 Subaru Outback three.6R Constrained

  1. I test rode a 2016 3.6r outback and witness some wind rushing noise at highway speeds. Its not whistling but wind gushing. Just wanted to know how does it compare with other cars w.r.t. wind noise.

  2. Was looking at used luxury suv's around 40k. Test drove 7 suv including a fully loaded Outback 3.6R around 38k.  It was the only one in stock the dealer said. I was shocked at how well this outback drove, had effortless powere where I wanted it and was quiet. Good navigation, Had bigger Nav screen than audi Q7 which everyone raves about but I find hard to see well. For my current want/needs my current list of vehicles to choose from for my next purchase consist of Lexus RX350 Fsport which comes standard 8 speed trany an AWD and  about 19/ 27 mpg and this 3.6R Outback. Lexus will be used and apx 2 grand more. This Outbck  is a sleeper. Outback is on a 6 week waiting list with $500 down payment.  But order exactly what you want.

  3. I recently purchased the '15 3.6R and I like it quite a bit over the 2.5 which I test drove on several occasions. I wish it had about 300hp but it's good power and I average 24mpg which is not much less than my previous 4cyl Honda CR-V.

    Fun wagon to drive for sure.

  4. Hey Tom, What was your MPG that you observed and how was the HK sound system? I am not looking to blow the windows out with bass but like full and rich sound. 

  5. With fuel economy in the real world, with the 4 cyl., you're more likely to be pushing it harder more often, where with the 6 cyl. you wouldn't need to push it that hard. So in real world driving it's going to be harder consistently average towards the higher end of the MPG ratings.

  6. No!  Americans don't buy station wagons unless it is a European piece of junk luxury brand.

  7. We almost bought a '13 Outback, but the fuel efficiency was a deal-breaker. Subaru REALLY needs to address this. I suggest a nice 4-cyl. diesel, which I understand they've got.

  8. I want the limited 3.6… but that's beyond my budget… might have to settle for the limited 2.5 🙁 should I just cave in and go for the 3.6?

  9. Is it true that the Subaru Outback we have here is the same vehicle as the Legacy wagon Subaru sells overseas? I mean, besides the jacked up ride height and dumb plastic cladding of course…

  10. What do their loyal customers need to do to bring a Subi Legacy wagon to North America?  i have a 2003 Legacy Wagon with 211,000km (yes – i'm Canadian).  I don't like the Outback roof rails – what am I to do with my Yakima system?  They should go back to the regular rails like the Forester.  Great reviews … keep up the great work. 

  11. Used to see a lot of these on the road in SeaTac, the new design is a definite improvement

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