2015 Toyota Camry Evaluation | Client Reviews

It is really obvious that the up to date Toyota Camry grew to become much more fashionable but Toyota also aimed to improve dealing with and quietness. Engines continue being the same, which includes the tremendous-effective hybrid.
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46 thoughts on “2015 Toyota Camry Evaluation | Client Reviews

  1. Well, the main reason why the Camry 4 Cylinder lacks a little in fuel efficiency is that they actually use a real reliable 6 speed automatic. I'd rather give up some fuel economy for a much more reliable car with a smooth shifting transmission. I'm purchasing a Camry SE next year when my lease on my Focus is up with that GARBAGE Dual Clutch Automatic.

  2. Styling sucks. Not happy about the loss of content either. Seems to be behind the times in terms of features

  3. So the LE's ride is tighter now and the SE's is softer. I think Toyota finally figured it out because the previous generation Camry's suspension was either too soft or too stiff. 

  4. Gonna buy this car hopefully soon! I want the XSE V6. My grandma drives a 2012 Lexus ES with that same power train & it's amazing! I just test drove one today & it's beyond amazing with very strong power from the V6 & plenty of luxury features for the money & I'll plan to keep it for at least 10 years! Can't wait to buy one! It totally destroys my current 4-cylinder Altima by a long shot!

  5. It's ok but it looks like the Lexus ES 250/350 and no sir I don't believe it's sporty it looks kinda but no

  6. I bought a 2015 Camry LE, but it definately does not have as smooth and vibration free a ride as the 2015 Hyundai Sonata and it's 4 cyl engine makes unrefined whiney sounds at lower speeds.  Also it's seats are harder than Sonatas.  The Ford Fusion is the smoothest, quietest riding car in this segment and also had the most comfortable seats, but it's mechanical reliability is poor compared to the Asians.

  7. I just bought the 2015 Camry XSE.  I had to buy one, because I was that impressed.  I traded in my wife's 2012 Camry S.E..  I stayed with the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, since it is quite fast.  This new Camry still gets 38 mpg at 70 with A/C, but the car is more quiet, and while cornering hard, the car does not lean…I like that.  This really is competition for the BMW 5 series on a road course, because it handles that well!  While other manufacturers are using those cheap CVT/scooter belt-drive transmissions, Toyota uses the excellent 6-speed "real" automatic transmission.  With that 6-speed, the car is always in its power band, just like a true sports-sedan should be.  I can't say enough about this new Camry. My wife decided she wanted the Camry in red, ….women!  I would've chosen silver or white.  At least she got the black leather interior.


  9. The 4 cylinder Camry is $24k and the 6 cylinder is $35k. Why does Toyota charge $11k MORE for just 2 cylinders? That is so lame! And the front grill is hideous.

  10. I really think its front is ugly. I am not a picky guy, I think almost all the mid-size class cars are amazing and beautiful, Accord, Mazda, Fusion, Altima etc.. But never Camery!!! Can people just stop buying Camery so that Toyota really realize they should hire some cool designers!!

  11. you buy this car to beat it around town comfortably, roll it monday thru friday and bust out the m4 on the weekends.  i park right up against people not giving a flip about door dings… its the village car everyone rides it.    

  12. Everyone who reviews the 2015 Camry mentions the roof hasn't changed. They all say it's a boring car but it's a top seller car reviews are no longer original when it comes to Toyota's now days. You can't tell if they like it or hate it. 

  13. My 2013 Camry with that exact engine and transmission gets 38 mpgs, and its not a hybrid. That is at 70 mph with the air-conditioning on.  Where do you get your information?  You get that info from Nissan and Honda?   LOL.  Come on!

  14. Toyota has become the new "GM" car company. Cars that are styled by committee, engines and transmissions that aren't competitive. Case in point, the Honda Accords, have a torque converter in front of the CVT transmission. Therefore, it performs similar to a conventional transmission, and better gas mileage on the highway. The Altima, doesn't come close. I have a Accord Sport, w/6-spd. manual transmission. The CVT gets better gas mileage, but over a second slower that the manual. I'm sure that the Camry will sell tons of cars, but, the August car totals for the Accord, was the highest of all mid-size cars. If Toyota doesn't make changes to it's engines, and transmissions, the styling  won't be enough to keep it is first place.


  16. Am I the only person who sees the camry always copying Acura TSX look. The 2007-2011 camry looks like the 2003 – 2008 tsx, the 2012 -2014 camry looks like a 2009 – 2014 tsx even the rims looked the same camry se and tsx sport models. Now they are copying the TLX in the front lights and the 2011 sonata in the back lights. WTH Toyota?  

  17. Wow, the profile looks a lot like the 07-12 Lexus ES. Toyota has stepped up their game with this Camry for sure.

  18. This is just a big face lift of the current generation. A whole new Camry will come out in 2017. 

  19. that ridiculous roofline is still there .. toyota why dont u make that roof a smooth curve rather than some geametrical figure like thing …. looks uglier than last model ..does not match the front or the back of the car

  20. it doesnt matter what new camry looks like, the car just prints money for toyota.  which is quite sad cause there are better looking cars out there

  21. Best killing machine selling every year you mean.. Talk about safety people!!!! Talk about how it's became noise maker after 2 years max

  22. THIS CAR IS NOT NEW. The exterior styling has already been the look of another toyota in japan for some years now.

  23. once again consumer reports  tres to ignore hyundai sonata  when obviosly toyota did the third year early  make over with the new sonata in mind~  consumer report you are nolonger reliable source but   a joke <3

  24. Sound insulation does not make a car better to drive.  It makes a car better to ride in.

    Chassis, shocks, struts, steering feedback, etc, etc, etc… THAT makes a car better to DRIVE.

    Please don't confuse the issue.

  25. I had no problems with the last design but i do have MAJOR problems with toyota still using 8 year old engines -.-

  26. Get this car BUT only in a v6. Best v6 on the market when it comes to smoothness and unbelievable amount of power 

  27. Despite all of your negative comments, it has been the most selling car in the US and it will be forever. The Mazda 6 is better in every aspects such as looks, fuel economy, drive….Why have people just blind picked the Camry? People don't do test drive at all? IMO, 0% APR is the answer.

  28. He was referring to what car editors thank about the camry which is dull. The v6 is quick but in reality the camry is behind as far as styling goes They need to go in a different direction and get more daring with the styling.

  29. The Camry has become a rental queen just like the Altima, Malibu, Sonota, Optima, 200, and Avenger. Toyota includes those fleet sales in its "best seller" claim, which isn't fair when nearly all Accords are retail sales. 

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