2016 Ford Fusion Titanium w/Terracota Deal Overview

Currently I current to you the 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium!

Car or truck courtesy of: Parkside Ford Lincoln 2000 Most important Street in Winnipeg,MB Canada!

9 thoughts on “2016 Ford Fusion Titanium w/Terracota Deal Overview

  1. Also I have a 2015, and it has significantly less power at 245hp. I believe my friend's 2013 sonata didn't make as much noise as mine. I'm surprised ford is charging that much for a car without HID'S. Well I guess because it can park itself.

  2. I have a Titanium 2015 fwd . Can't understand the lack of an active  forward collision warning system, and no Sync3 for 2016?

  3. Same car with the same equipment in the US would be about $36K. I have an SE with terra cotta and mine listed for $31K. A neat feature you did not mention is that if you hold the lock button on the key fob down after the horn beeps, all of the windows will automatically close. If you hold the unlock button down, all of the windows will automatically go down.

  4. I've been a Ford owner since 1976. Ford has been a true enjoyment to own and driving one. I am on my third Fusion. my personal favorite is my Fusion. Ford is a marvel of engineering.

  5. The fact that this doesn't come with hid's blows my mind. for 41k, I'd expect hid's and a stronger engine.

  6. Are you sure it's a 2016? I thought Ford was putting out the new Sync 3 Infotainment System in ALL 2016 model-year vehicles… In the video I saw the MyFordTouch which is a previous gen. infotainment now.

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