2016 Lincoln MKX Commence Up and Evaluate two.seven L Ecoboost V6

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29 thoughts on “2016 Lincoln MKX Commence Up and Evaluate two.seven L Ecoboost V6

  1. Please stop doing the engine revving…………potential Lincoln buyers really are not interested. Think about it!!!!
    I have ordered one, and am looking forward to the ownership experience.
    Other than that, good walk around presentation!

  2. I don't usually like American cars, but I'm warming a bit to cars like this. Big improvement on the usual shit interiors coming out of America. Good work.

  3. 2.7 twin is a great suv , lots of power which I enjoy in SUV I was looking at this and the Audi . But The Audi is about 17.5k more with the same features/extras .The Lincoln also has more HP which was the deal for me . Why why I pay 17.5k more for the name . When I get more power for cheaper . and the people who think it looks ugly are probably just people who will never like a Lincoln and clicked this video just to complain . AKA Fanboy ism .

  4. The key is clearly better than any other luxury car in the segment…. I love my Lincoln MKZ's key fob! plus remote start standard is awesome!

  5. I don't understand…..if You don't like it, don't buy one! mine will be red, with all the bells and whistles….see you on the road, Haters!!!!

  6. I don't see why this car is getting so much hate. Some of these comments are a bit uncalled for, but everyone's entitled to their opinion. I find the exterior design to be quite nice! It's swooping lines are aggressive, and luxurious. It also fits well with Lincoln's other models. However the plastic trim on the lower parts of the vehicle were a misstep in my opinion. As far as the interior, the design is pleasing aesthetically and there are competitive features, though the quality certainly could be improved. One thing everyone seems to be overlooking is the fact that this car's starting price is THOUSANDS less than its competitors! To my knowledge (correct me if i'm wrong) the only other midsize luxury crossover that has a starting price below $40,000 dollars (this one starts at $38,260) is the Cadillac SRX ($37,605) which is actually based on a compact! Overall it's a pretty good value for a luxury crossover with lots of space and comfort.

  7. So looking forward to new reviews where you actually drive the vehicles you rate instead of just sitting in one, talking about its interior, and giving an estimate on how it would drive.

  8. Really Ford you and your stupid designersthis car is just like every other Lincoln these days unorigional, confused etc  wtf is black label why is the interior so creaky and plasticy why are they copy pasting Audi. their lights, Interiors(door panels are basically a7 look and a6, really that ugly grill againford should just call of this stupid brand its getting worse every yearLincolns are such copycats and if their gonna copy they should do it right Lincoln continental, u mean its a bad Bentley copy

  9. The major thing which I found when checking out the MKX 2016 compared to my MKX 2011 is that the space for the driver seemed to be narrower. Also, no mention as to whether the heated seats have finally added heated backs or just the seat portion. No mention of adaptive cruise control or advance collision warning. I love adaptive cruise control which will take the vehicle to a complete stop. The MKX is a great vehicle but unfortunately, if one does not buy the Eco which costs around $8k (Canuck Bucks) extra, the gas mileage is still not good at almost 15 L/100 KM. Fortunately, we don't drive a lot anymore so only add about 2K KM per year so the one we have will last a long time but another MKX will certainly get a look whenever we make a change although it would be fun to own the Jaguar crossover which is due out next year and going forward.

  10. How come you fail to actually DRIVE the vehicle in your video? So we're supposed to take your word about how it rides and handles?????

  11. Acura take note, this is how you do LED headlights. Clean and sleek looking. Not the horrible jewel eye lights you do.

  12. After reading some of the viewer complaints, it seems that some people are impossible to please. This car is miles ahead of its previous design. Ironic how people always compare American luxury SUV's to German luxury brands when they can't even afford a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi themselves. Personally I'd compare this to an Acura MDX, Infiniti QX60, or Lexus RX. Overall I would consider this vehicle if I was in the market for a luxury SUV.

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