2016 Lincoln MKZ Start Up and Assessment 2. L 4-Cylinder Hybrid

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Camerons Car or truck Assessments Score: 4/five
Powertrain Options: 2. L 4-Cylinder Hybrid, 2. L Turbo 4-Cylinder, or a 3.seven L V6 with a six-Velocity Automatic FWD or AWD
Engine & Efficiency
Base Engine Dimension 2. L
CAM Variety Double overhead cam (DOHC)
TORQUE 129 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm
HORSEPOWER 188 hp @ 6000 rpm
Weights and Capacities
EPA Inside Volume 107.six cu.ft.
Control Pounds 3792 lbs.
CARGO Ability, ALL SEATS IN Place eleven.1 cu.ft. Optimum CARGO Ability eleven.1 cu.ft.
Engine Variety Hybrid
Gas Variety Frequent unleaded
Gas TANK Ability 13.five gal.
Variety IN MILES (CTY/HWY) 553.five/526.five mi.
EPA MILEAGE EST. (CTY/HWY) forty one/39 mpg
Essential 4 yr./ 50000 mi.
DRIVETRAIN six yr./ 70000 mi.
Absolutely free Upkeep 2 yr./ 24000 mi. ROADSIDE six yr./ 70000 mi.
Rivals: Infiniti Q50 Hybrid, Lexus ES Hybrid

23 thoughts on “2016 Lincoln MKZ Start Up and Assessment 2. L 4-Cylinder Hybrid

  1. Sale stats show 3 out of 4 buyers are NOT buying the hybrid version, even though it carries the same pricetag as the normal gasoline car.  This shows buyers still don't trust hybridization in their cars (perhaps they heard it costs $2500 to replace the battery after 8-10 years).

  2. First let me say, what a joke of a car review. Second, I purchased a 16' MKZ with the 2.0 liter turbo. If you do not need the 41mpg in town, it is a much better option. Power is great, shifts are smooth and quick. Base model comes with plenty of features and a much better MSRP. Ford is currently pushing to give these away with over 6k in rebates available. I love the adaptable suspension settings as it can be quite sporty in the sport setting but a soft cruiser in comfort mode. While some may not get used to touch screens, the screen and the touch controls work fine once you learn the touch area. This guy hits the defroster button 5 times in the wrong spot and says it doesn't work. Sigh…….The center console was a big selling point for me. It is very sleak and unique compared to other competitors.

    All in all, worth the price. But ymmv. Cheers!

  3. So I was thinking about getting one of these cars but I think ford is the only one that kills your trunk space in the car when you get a hybrid. VS most other hybrid models have gone away with killing the trunk space.

  4. What an ugly car like so many of the cars built the last few years.How come all cars now have the same curved look and the big bodies? Not only that you can't even grip the steering wheel at 6 o'clock with your palm down, which is the most comfortable driving position.

    The engineers are failing.

    The 2004-2011 Lincoln town Car is classic and classy looking sedan compared to this piece of junk. Why not just make the 2004-2011 Town car? It is a much better looking car.

  5. The car is ugly on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. Also the technology and the gadgets are all my style. So, as I would not see the outside when driving it, I want it badly! Unfortunately it is not for Europe I guess…

  6. Test drove this vehicle, while on the test drive i missed my turn which extended the test drive to about 5 miles instead of the common "around the block test" that one mistake saved me from a colossal mostake of buying this vehicle. After the extended test drive a few things came to light. One was the engine (v6) is gutless and the transmission lags terribly, along with the seats being hard and as far from luxury as a fors focus. My butt actually hurt after the test drive. 

  7. Hmmm… my Fusion's door handle has a hidden key slot. Wonder why the Lincoln has a visible key slot.

  8. That huge 1920's front grill is messying up the look of the car. Looks so odd along with the tiny headlights

  9. i think i would enjoy your videos more if you didnt start most if not all transitions with "now coming to…."

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