2016 Toyota RAV4 Commence Up and Evaluation two.five L 4-Cylinder

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Camerons Car or truck Opinions Rating: 4.five/five
Powertrain Choices: two.five L 4-Cylinder with a six-Speed or CVT Automated FWD or AWD
Weights and Capacities
Most TOWING Capability** 1500 lbs.
Most PAYLOAD** 900 lbs.
EPA Interior Quantity one hundred forty.3 cu.ft.
GROSS Pounds 4525 lbs.
Control Pounds 3455 lbs.
ANGLE OF Technique 28 levels
CARGO Capability, ALL SEATS IN Location 38.4 cu.ft.
Most CARGO Capability 73.4 cu.ft.
Motor Form Fuel
Gasoline Form Standard unleaded
Gasoline TANK Capability fifteen.nine gal.
Vary IN MILES (CTY/HWY) 381.six/492.nine mi.
Primary 3 yr./ 36000 mi.
DRIVETRAIN five yr./ 60000 mi.
Cost-free Upkeep two yr./ 25000 mi.
Rivals: Kia Sportage, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson

29 thoughts on “2016 Toyota RAV4 Commence Up and Evaluation two.five L 4-Cylinder

  1. Do not like the built in "pattern" shifter area. And why are the door pull handles not further forward? You have to reach around it to press the power window switch and to open the door. Bad placement in my mind. Power mirror switch is not on the door?

  2. Hi Cameron, you missed out to show the key fob on this vehicle. Please don't miss it out as showing the design & buttons on the key fob is a nice thing only found in your reviews.

  3. Lest we forget the old days of soft touch. It means that after 5 or 6 years it will begain to split and crack.

  4. are you crazy?! I love how those cup holders are separated, helps prevent the mix-up between your passenger drink and yours!

  5. So why does the cheaper Corolla get LED head and tail lamps and the Rav4 didn't except on higher trims? Cheapo shit.

  6. is it women's car ? is it look hot for men ? i think this car design for girls not for men

  7. this car right here is the reason toyota cars have been termed washing machines ( Plain Utilities).

    cheap but will outlast every other manufacturer out there

  8. For 2015 it was either this in LE trim or a CR-V in LX trim, the screen is very small in the CR-V plus it has a CVT with the "vibration issue" which can be fixed if you b!tch and is resolve in 2016 models, the rims on LX CR-V are horrible. I ended up leasing the RAV4. Gets about 25-26 Combined, if you want a bit more off the line drop in a K&N filter.

  9. Hey Cameron, love your reviews. I've been watching many of your videos for months. I'm really interested in RAV4. Can you do a SE review?

  10. Good to know Toyota aspired to keep the refreshed Rav4 feeling like sitting in a taxi cab. It's like Little Tykes designed the interior. I'm sorry. But I'm still not seeing how people claim a Toyotas interior is far better engineered than a late generation Hyundai Tucson which has plenty of soft touch materials.

  11. Toyota really needs to work on their designs. Reviewers were already complaining about the looks of the old model and now they've made it even uglier. I know they want something that stands out but their vehicles shouldn't stand out in a negative way

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