2017 BMW 330i Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The BMW 3 Series is again one of the most entertaining cars on the road. The latest update includes dynamic driving characteristics and a comfortable cabin.

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22 thoughts on “2017 BMW 330i Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

  1. You had me very interested in the 2017 330 AA until you mentioned 2 L turbo that's not the BMW and old I will never ever buy a BMW three series until they bring back the in-line six Salander I miss my E 46 so much after driving the A4 in the new BMW three series I miss my E 46 even more so no BMW for me until they bring the naturally aspirated in-line six the butter smooth transmission that I fell in love with I had three BMWs in the past I love all of them because you're all in-line six Soundr no more.

  2. CR is now deducting points on cars with shifters they can't figure out. The rest of us can figure them out in a few minutes. After complaining for years about BMW shifters they now are ok with them. CR's ego just doesn't match the real world street cred.

  3. Exorbitant pricing seems to be a BMW hallmark these days no matter which model you go with. A pity as their cars are truly nice to drive, if not as involving say as a Jaguar or Cadillac, but BMW beats them in interior volume. However considering a Lexus is about ~$7k cheaper comparatively equipped…come on.

  4. safety equipment standard, really?!!! please encourage driving classes, driving schools and develop skills. Not pointles technology. Good driving schools as much as these safety gimmicks. not will last much longer

  5. I'm sure that every person putting down this car has never owned nor really driven one whey they compare to a Hyundai or Honda people hate on things there scared of or things they can't afford so they place negative comments down below to show how immature they are

  6. i've got a loaded 2017 sport wagon (m sport package plus adaptive m suspension), couldn't be more pleased. I don't even miss my mk6 GTI much. It's seriously an incredible car…nothing on the road matches it. Yeah, it is at least 10 grand overpriced. But still. So damn nice.

  7. This model is in its 6th year now and still outsells others in the same class. Guess the interior and price aren't a major factor for consumers who purchased this car.

  8. Is it worth it anymore??? There are just so many sedans out there to pick from that it almost seems pointless to pay the premium for a "driver's" car. If intended to be a daily driver, one could hardly use this vehicle to its potential especially in city traffic and if you are an enthusiast then the M3, M2 or 1M should be a top priority not the 323i, 328i, 330i or even 340i. So where does that leave this relatively pricey vehicle? Perhaps nothing more than conspicuous consumption…? That being said, the ultimate driving machine (3-series) has an allure that makes it very attractive.

  9. Doesn't look like your review of the 330i is on consumer reports online yet. I just see the older pre-lci score and review of the 2012 328i and the older 2014 328d.

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