2017 Nissan 370z Overview

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2017 Nissan 370Z

Important variations are anticipated from second era of Nissan’s activity lineup. Its 370Z could deliver lots of variations for 2017 yr model, which include powertrain and even name.

10 thoughts on “2017 Nissan 370z Overview

  1. I don't know why people make YouTube videos with bogus claims.
    that was a ZERO EMISSIONS CONCEPT back in 2009. it was an ALL-ELECTRIC Z. The only thing you can draw from that design for the next gen are the general proportions of the vehicle.

    This video is bogus and making assumptions off of the Q60 coupe.

    There's NO proof of a 2.0 hybrid. only a Mercedes based 2.0T that's is 208hp in the infiniti. and in Mercedes, it's been tuned up to 241hp. which would probably be the Z tune as well. Maybe possible to hit 250hp. but of course I'm purely speculating.

    The TTv6 has 400hp and there's rumor of a 450hp IPL/NISMO version. STRICTLY RUMOR.


  2. wow. I'll keep my 09 then. I've been getting ready to sell it to look a buying a new one. I was worried they would mess it up and they did.

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