2017 Volkswagen Alltrack Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

Based on the Golf SportWagen, the Alltrack faces off against the Subaru Outback as an SUV alternative. While the Alltrack retains the SportWagen’s verve, making it feel premium and fun-to-drive, buyers may prefer the Outback’s versatility and value.

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38 thoughts on “2017 Volkswagen Alltrack Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

  1. @1:50 just because "both offer forward collision warning and automatic braking" doesn't mean you should take your eyes off the road for 10+ seconds while you speak into the camera.

  2. Interesting how the $30,000 Outback gets compared to a $32,000 Alltrack so the Subaru turns out to be less expensive and the better "value". But that Alltrack is loaded down with features that we specifically didn't want so ours cost less than 25k.

  3. My parents just bought new manual Alltrack last month and it has already been to the dealer twice for it not starting.

  4. I think it all comes down to the looks.. I'm not a wagon person really, but the VW is way prettier car than the subaru

  5. not sure if they are quoting canadian pricing, but i just bought my alltrack for $25,411. Its one step down from the top. I suspect theyve had some pricing changes since. I love this car and expect to get a lot of fun from it as well as practical transportation.

  6. Hmm, I'm really considering a Subaru Crosstrek with manual transmission, but the better VW handling might be worth it. However, reliability and resale are very important to me, so maybe not…

  7. The alltrack is a better vehicle vs the 2.5l outback except for the cargo. However it is too expensive to take it into consideration.

  8. Offer less and charge more?
    You'd think VW would be smart enough to at least attempt to gain back some sales.
    I guess self destruction is their current business model.

  9. They don't compete. The Subaru Outback is mid-sized, while the Alltrack is compact. It's closer competitors would be the Volvo V60 Cross Country, Subaru Crosstrek & Impreza hatch, but they are more like hatchbacks than a wagons.

  10. So pretty much a cheaper version of the Audi Allroad. Not a bad car at all. Not a fan of the sportwagon body style, prefer the Golf more.

  11. Forget the Alltrack, I wish we would get the VW Golf Variant R here in the US! I saw one in the Alps earlier this year; it looked bad ass.

  12. VW has to reconfigure BSM for the ride height adjustments on the Alltrack. I guess they will add that as a feature next year. But yes, they got the pricing wrong. The Outback is usually easier to negotiate on also.

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