4K Review: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

Alfa Romeo is back on American roads.  The all-new Giulia seeks to compete in the small luxury sedan segment, offering a lively driving experience, nimble handling, and inviting styling. But we’re a bit skeptical about its reliability.

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36 thoughts on “4K Review: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

  1. It's a beautiful car. I just don't happen to be too confident about FCA's quality or even its long term existence. My bet is it will go belly up in 2 years.

  2. Fantastic car, so I bought one. I also own a 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins Diesel that is superb, a Chrysler 300 for my daughter, and a Jeep Rubicon with a 6" lift to off road … Alfa got this right and I'm betting the reliability will be as good as my other FCA products. If you haven't driven one, I'd suggest you give it a ride … crisp and clean!

  3. First of all CR is ANTI FCA and its no shock. RC rated the headlight system on a Town & Country less than the VW Routan when they were the EXACT SAME HEADLIGHT from the EXACT SAME SUPPLIER assembled in the EXACT SAME PLANT in Windsor Ontario. CR holds ZERO clout anymore. Auto Industry has shifted to IIHS as their standard because they use actual read OBJECTIVE DATA to hold OEM's accountable where CR is HIGHLY Subjective. Alfa Romeo Giulia will do just fine!

  4. I always giggle when watching "reliability" reviews. Those should be done after 50,000 miles at least. Especially with a brand new car on a new platform.

    Anyway, I test drove the TI with the Sports Package and it was sublime. Unbelievable handling and chassis balance. Does not feel at all like a sedan, but beautifully enough doesn't compromise comfort for sportiness. There is some turbo lag at low revs but once you hit near 3,000 RPM the engine sings. The majority of "quirks" I found were in the interior. It's a beautiful design but minimalist compared to the German rivals. I happen to love that approach, personally as I'm not going to freak out if a button is in a weird spot or feels "loose."

    My main quirk is the lack of a 6-speed manual, but the ZF transmission is really good either way.

  5. What about the Bmw e46? the rear part just cracked under the boot.. it was literally falling to pieces! Every car has its own issues… believing that a mass selling brand like Fiat could have survived all this years with great trouble issues is just NON-LOGICAL, people keep buying Fiat and Co because they are solid… no fool would buy the same car that gave him so much pain, now isn't he? I've owned several Fiat-Lancia models and they were just fine, stop being fools with all this clichès, and give this new Alfa a try, because it's worth it, that's it.

  6. Giulia TI sounds soooo boring 😀 I prefer the European trim names: Super, Veloce and Quattroblafogjffjeke (QV) what ever 😀
    But it's a beautiful car though

  7. Consumer Reports is hilarious…prejudicial, uninformed, they love to lick the ass of German manufacturers, often getting it completely wrong. I own an Audi A4….a joke of reliability. May be the reason why the majority of people lease BMW, MERC and AUDI and don't buy them.

  8. 1:20………"And the transmission seems to need a boost to get over a stumble or 2 on a cold morning'. Yep, that good old Italian unreliability rears its ugly head yet again, huh?!!!!!

  9. The front plate position works fine for small Italian plates. The attitude of the design team was f*** everyone else 😀(which is a very Alfa thing to do).

  10. Interested to see how the reliability plays out over the next couple or so years. If I was a buyer in that timeframe though I'd still look at the 3 or A4

  11. It's amazing that Alfa Romeo invented the sports sedan yet now struggle to get any recognition by consumers.

  12. Is CR really going to try to say that BMW and Audi are better when literally every magazine that actually cares about cars have put the Guilia above BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Cadillac? It's clear that CR does not care about performance and is heavily biased against anything made under FCA.

  13. I drove one last week and was blown away by how good it is. I wasn't expecting it to be that good. However, the big unknown is reliability. The Germans can be iffy, but Italian cars are famous for their "quirks".

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