4K Review: 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The Chevy Traverse was long overdue for a redesign. For 2018, the company’s large SUV gets refined and focuses on fuel economy, packaging and technology.

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38 thoughts on “4K Review: 2018 Chevrolet Traverse Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

  1. This vehicle checks all the boxes. Chevy got everything right all the way down to the solid fabric sunshades. One thing that is shady is the limitation on safety options on lower options. Wonder if I can get a fully loaded 8 seater with the dual sunroof?

  2. Joly shit that is a ridiculous price. I expected a lot more from GM for a lot less price wise. Late to the game and nothing distinctive in this segment for the high price

  3. Again with the whining about collision avoidance and auto braking.

    How about learn to drive the damned vehicle for yourself and pay attention on the roads? Just more garbage to break

  4. it's a chevy, so it's 300% more expensive than it should be, and you'll be wanting to replace it as soon if not sooner than you get it paid off because of it breaking down all the time, being a junky american car

  5. Did you know that from 2003 to 2009 GM KNOWINGLY sold cars that had ignition switches in them that could turn the car off while driving? Did you know that they did this WHILE begging for a BAILOUT from the American people? They kept this a secret until 2011, when they were caught and FINALLY admitted that they knew all along , and that a better switch would've cost 70 cents per car to fix but they CHOSE not to because it was MORE IMPORTANT to satisfy their shareholders . Why would anyone trust a company like this??

  6. I like this car but I would rather consider waiting for the Buick Enclave because it is more luxurious in the inside and more sleeker on the outside especially in the Avenir trim and it is the real Cadillac of three row crossovers and I won't mind spending extra money for a more sleeker and a more luxurious car, it has the same interior measurements just with a more luxurious feel in a sleeker, more premium package. I am sure all these optional important electronic safety features in many today cars could be expected to be standard by 2020 and expect to see all these safety features standard in many 2020 cars.

  7. When I buy a vehicle I could care less about the auto brake and forward camera collision garbage. It should just be optional on everything and every trim level if you are so concerned about it.

  8. (1) Rear seats seem low to the ground, so tall passengers will suffer. (2) Front center console seems ridiculously wide, unnecessarily impeding on the driver's knee room.

  9. I test drive one, worst POS I've ever driven! Handled like a tractor, had the power of a snail, and noisier than an old tank!

  10. I don't get why all these cars only have a small light that's shows their blind spot but a lower end Honda Civic has a camera that turns on when you signal right so you can see everything.

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