A Million Means To Die In The West Official Trailer #one (2014) – Seth MacFarlane Film Hd

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A Million Means To Die In The West Official Trailer #one (2014) – Seth MacFarlane Film Hd

A cowardly farmer seeks the aid of a gunslinger’s wife to aid him win back again the woman who remaining him.

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25 thoughts on “A Million Means To Die In The West Official Trailer #one (2014) – Seth MacFarlane Film Hd

  1. i saw this in theatres and kept checking my watch….but once i realised i fell asleep for an hour in the movie the point of no refund was already among me

  2. I'm gonna be honest here, I don't think Seth MacFarlane was that bad as people said he was. He wasn't great, but he wasn't awful. I thought he was good and I want to see him in more live action roles but only if he work with better directors because the guy has talent.

  3. Was glad I didn't rent it, happen to catch it on HBO. I did like the Indian and the tooth fairy scenes though. Corny dry humor for sure.

  4. I don't understand why this film was disliked by so many people, even though for Seth MacFarlane it was eh, but altogether it really was a very good and hysterical movie and I loved it.

  5. Ok, so, I haven't watched the movie, but is there any particular reason that Charlize Theron has to waste time teaching this dude how to shoot a gun, when she could just go and kill the person (I'm assuming Liam Neeson) herself? Well, any reason aside from the boring old trope of "overqualified woman is forced to stay in the background and teach average joe how to become the hero instead of becoming the hero herself". And yeah, I'm also looking at you Lego movie.

  6. ok 2 mins in and I realise I probably have seen every single thing in the film in these clips. I mean. Wow Really? How do you expect to enjoy a film when you have seen most of the gags or stunts or whatever.

  7. today I finally watched this movie and it was hella funny and I recommend watching this movie if you wanna laugh. the only downside about this movie is SethMacfarlane acts like himself and it fuckn made the movie worse… I dislike SethMacfarlane but I luv his works Familyguy, AmericanDad, Ted, and this movie

    Racist parts of movie… theres a shooting game and it's called "Runaway Slaves"….. the scene when he "talks Indian" he's not  talking Indian if you hear closely its like he's doing Asian accents. the final scene talking with Indians he teases and mocks other cultures by saying a wise proverb once said its smart to share drugs with people in a circle (so Indians, African tribes) its the same thing like a group of friends having beers or shots….almost forgot he also says wait before you kill me im Arabic and I must do my Arabic call and then he does the instrumentals of the song TarzanBoy

    part from that he nails jokes about the wild wild west era LOL

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