Activity Theorist Evaluations Saygus V SQUARED – Saygus V2 Hands On

MatPat game titles with the Saygus V2 mobile phone. The Activity Theorist utilizes the Saygus V SQUARED and performs Tobuscus Adventures Wizards in the NMR Penthouse at E3 on the new Saygus V2 Android smartphone. Tim arrives by to assist MatPat grasp the wizard entire world of Toby game titles Adventures: Wizards.

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10 thoughts on “Activity Theorist Evaluations Saygus V SQUARED – Saygus V2 Hands On

  1. I REALLY want to get this phone! I was going to buy the OnePlus One, and maybe wait for the OnePlus Two, but then I spotted this beast of a phone and I feel like this would last me a LOT longer considering all the features it has and the crazy amount of storage. I don't think I would need another phone for a very long time after purchasing this.

  2. "Reviews" seems like such a strong word for what I'm doing in this video with the phone. More like "spectacularly fails at using" or "shamelessly promotes" — those seem a bit more accurate.

    That said, as a non-tech reviewer, I was legitimately impressed with the graphics and the no-lag casting to the TV — all much more impressive than my skills as a Wizard in Toby's game…

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