Amisbro’s Game Reviews: Split/Second(PS3 and XBOX360)

What do you get when you mix Destruction Derby, Twisted Metal and a reference to a 1970s game show? You get Split/Second for the PS3 and XBOX360.

Is the game half as fun as I just made it sound? watch the review to find out

One thought on “Amisbro’s Game Reviews: Split/Second(PS3 and XBOX360)

  1. @soilwork121

    I have not played Red Dead Redemption(but I want to) so I can't say if it would have been the better buy first. I DO recommend split/second because of the white knuckle, breakneck adventure that each race becomes. The Air Raid mode is one that makes you go "HOLY CRAP!" and just racing in general is a treat that I haven't had in years.

    If I do come across Red Dead Redemption I will be doing a review on that game too but since I had gotten this game for my b-day I did that one

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