Android Netrunner Overview – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel normally takes a glance at popular LCG Android: Netrunner, from Fantasy Flight Game titles

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35 thoughts on “Android Netrunner Overview – with Tom Vasel

  1. Just bought NetRunner. Really looking forward to playing this. Tom, I have been watching several of your videos, as well as several videos from Dice Tower, and you have the coolest (secondary?) job: playing games and posting YouTube videos about it. Fun video and keep them coming!

  2. You need the different terminology. I know it's a barrier to entry … but the terminology adds to the fun. It's cyberpunk, it should feel cyberpunk. I introduced this game to a friend of mine and he now likes cyberpunk. The game oozes style … just … meh, just wouldn't be cyberpunk if Corp and Runner hands were called just that, or the stack and R&D was just caled 'Draw pile', the Heap or Archives just called the Discard.

  3. Would recommend this game to someone who is not particularly taken with MTG? I do enjoy Dominion, Acension or Warhammer Invasion, but this … I'm not sure.

  4. "The old art was just really dorky."
    Reveals Inside Job.
    "Look how much better it is now!"

    No Tom. No. That was not a good example.

  5. For some reason, I picked up the terminology instantly. It made sense to me, and it's currently my favourite card game still yet. I buy every data pack as soon as I can.

  6. I too found the flavourful terminology. It would have been so much easier to get into if the deck was called HQ, Stack or Deck for both players. Now it just gets complicated for no real reason. I also found the text on the cards difficult to read since the print was too small. But other than that, I agree that it was an enjoyable game.

  7. I really like the terminology in this game. It adds to the theme. Although I do agree that it makes it a bit harder to learn.

  8. i can relate to this review,..
    I AM a miniatures gamer currently playing x-wing,…
    i was hanging around at my local game tore, and saw them playing netrunner.
    i have never liked the idea of playing card games, but they were all really into their games so i watched for an hour from table to table as they played,..
    to shorten this long story ,.. before leaving that day i had placed an order for the WHOLE  set,with all expansions.
    what sold me on spending well over 300 dollars for a full set,.. simply put,..
    the asymmetrical game play and theme, coupled with knowing that  i could  compete with any player on a level field after the  initial investment,. without  the situation that had kept me away from card based games for so long,. the buy  and buy and buy packs to get random cards and rare cards that i flat refused to do.

    p.s. though they  use custom names for things like the discard pile ect,.. i found that it added immersion into the game by using the theme at every turn of production and game play. you stop thinking of it as playing cards with people,.. but instead playing people  in a game world that just happens to be using cards as a mechanic to do so.

  9. There is an error in your logic. You have made a common logic fallacy, Allow me to explain where you have gone wrong.
    1.You need a driver's license to drive. You need training to drive. You don't receive a license and then you learn how to drive. B follows A, not the opposite.
    2.In fact, there is a manual to teach you how you must drive your Jeep (a Wrangler is not a Jetta). You can break the transmission if you don't have previous experience with 4×4. vehicles or if you don't read the manual.

  10. I have zero experience with card games but I have decades of experience with heavy euro games I found the rules confusing, misleading and incomplete. The box should say 'Just for people that already know how to play this game'. I paid for a product, I should be able to read the rules and use the product. Simple like that. You buy a TV, you read the manual, you use the TV. Games must not be treated in a different way. That's basic.
    I will never buy another product from the same company again.

  11. Perhaps. But the terms and fluff draw from so many well known pop-culture and sci-fi themes, I find it surprising when someone is unfamiliar.

    Especially among gamers.

    Maybe I'm just old. I tend to forget the younger generations lack the same references.

    I digress.

  12. Heh. Perhaps you're not familiar with the huge percentage of the population that is NOT familiar? Everyone I've talked to agrees about the confusing terminology.

  13. Not really sure why Tom thinks the terminology is hard to learn. It's not. Each term fits the theme of the game and/or player's side very intuitively if you're familiar at all with the cyberpunk decker/runner/hacker theme.

  14. Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, the movie Blade Runner, the books Neuromancer and Snow Crash, etc…have you been asleep in a cave for the past 20 years and completely missed the entire cyberpunk genre Tom?

  15. Old Tom sure knows how to get me pumped on a game. I not going to play this one, but he makes me want to play everything. He sure is good at what he does. These game companies must love him.
    Tom, stop making me spend my money on games damit!

  16. Hi, and greetings from Spain. I've been playing this game for a while with my girl, and I can't agree with you more. I'm a veteran Magic player, as well as other board games, and you can feel the effort and fondness poured into it. Also, you can get a lot from the game without any expansiona, juat out of the box. And I mean, A LOT.

  17. i can understand that & FFG could have done a better job with the manual as well. Overall though, this, in my opinion, is a fantastic game & it is well worth the time to learn.

  18. Yes they can win by turn three with the SEA source SE combo, posted bounty SE combo or when the runner is stupid enough to run with less tnan 3 cards in hand, continues a run after hitting a katana, hits 2 snares in a makers eye run, or is stupid enough to leave tags on them.

    I was just expecting they didn't use those combo's since they were fairly new and i was expecting they were smart enough to see the issue of walking into a katana with too few cards.

  19. The corporation can't possibly win after 3 turns. I'm pretty sure your friend didn't explain well. Netrunner is pretty skill intensive, the skill is so much more important than in games like magic. Real blowouts are quite rare in this game.

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