Android Netrunner Review – with the Board Game Knights

The Board Game Knights take a look at this popular game from Fantasy Flight Games

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24 thoughts on “Android Netrunner Review – with the Board Game Knights

  1. I'm going to get a friend of mine to play adventure time card wars with me. i think she's gonna struggle. Hopefully once she gets the hang of it I can move her up to Netrunner :/ This may take a while

  2. Never seen so many reviews for a game where people are constantly this enthusiastic (this is about the 4th review I've watched).  I think it may have to be my next purchase…..  Thanks for the review!

  3. i want t oredr this game core game for so long…. i think i'll do that soon after this 😀

    I'm not that much into LCG because you have to spend so much money…. but with anroid netrunner I love this  cyber punk theme and I can play it with core game

  4. Great review guys!  This game just gets better and better.  Hands down my favorite LCG.  And one of my favorite games of all time!  Hope you guys are still running!

  5. Ive always loved Netrunner, Ever since it was first released in 1996. sadly the game was canceled twice. But that wouldnt really let it dissapear. I was really surprised to learn a while back that Fantasy flight had licensed the game from Wizards of the Coast. Figuring though that the game would be nowhere near what it once was.

    And what was it? It was a brilliant and flavorful card game designed by Richard Garfield, and based on R. Talsorians Cyberpunk 2020 universe. I loved the game, and the story of it. Garfields second card game, designed after Magic. It contained some of the orginal playtestors as well as artists from Magic itself. Ive even talked to the guy responsible for most of the Art Direction and design on the original game.

    As the Fantasy Flight game neared release, it quickly became apparent that it wasnt a new game at all. At its core, what Android Netrunner was, was a more Streamlined and Structured Rules composition of the original game that i loved. Gone was the blind booster pack model, for a self contained box set. Most everything fleshed out and cleaned up, some renamed terms, and even mention of organized tournament play, and the intention for expansions. There were minor rules that were added that the original game didnt have though. Like the Personalities and Factions for the Corp and Runner. The backs of the cards were changed. Cards were regulated to factions at times. As well as the Trace Rules were overhauled.

    A chunk of the cards printed now are actually near identical to old cards. Cards like Jack'n'Joe became Diesel. One though which suprised me is that Scorched Earth was actually one of the old cards, and they opted not to rename it. Instead linking it to a faction. Would of loved to see Urban Renewal get the reprint as well, but a 6 cost for 5 damage to rip the entire hand just proved a little too strong.

    At its heart, if you loved the concepts of Cyberpunk, Bladerunner, The Matrix, or Shadowrun… id strongly urge anyone to try this game. Even now that the game contains 1 Core Base set, 12 datapacks, 2 deluxe expansions(2 themed decks), please dont let that deter you from investing or wanting to try it. It may seem like a lot. But the game is priced and packaged to pick and choose what you would care to have. There is no need to buy dozens of boosters like in the past. Take the base set, and pick a datapack that has cards that match the faction youd like to try to enhance on. The price point is accessable too. Trust me, you wont be dissapointed.

    Oh, and great review btw.

  6. Inaccessibility and 2 player limit are honestly about the only possible flaws I can ever think of for this game. It really is far and away the best example of a deep, asymmetric game I've ever seen.

  7. Great videos as always guys…next time that I play netrunner I will bring a wireless keyboard with me! Awesome ending again! I want that promo Scorched!

  8. Awesome guys! Excellent review, and this is currently one of my favorite games…I have to agree with you all…I just want to play it again and again!

  9. @Emanuel Matos The biggest difference is that it is no longer collectible. There are some other small changes, the theme has been changed to the Android universe.

  10. Oh my god that ending was perfect. Netrunner is the only LCG/CCG that I've ever gotten into. I'm a huge cyberpunk fan in general, so that definitely helped, but it's such a fantastic game that I would recommend it to anyone. The new deluxe expansion that just came out looks great also.

  11. At this point I think I've watched too much bad 90s sci-fi to ever get past the ridiculous jargon in this game. Runners? Ice? Clicks? It's like if Magic the Gathering and Jonny Lee Miller's character from Hackers (1995) had a love child.

  12. Anyone know of some other asymmetrical games like Netrunner is? I would love to play more games like this. And feel free to include how many players the game is. (Not sure if there is a 3+ player asymmetrical game) 

  13. How does this version compare with the original Netrunner CCG from a couple decades ago? Seems very similar in terms of game play, except it is no longer "collectable" Just boxed…

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