Apple Television set (2015) Evaluation

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29 thoughts on “Apple Television set (2015) Evaluation

  1. Please someone answer me!!!! In the appleTV, are you supposed to purchase those tv shows and movies you watch, or are they free??? And also can you use it in other countries beside the USA, like Itlay, Greece, Albania etc……????????? Please answer?

  2. outdated technology, why aren't TV devices using HDMI these days? we even have ultra HD now and we still make shit that still thinks it's 1979?

  3. I don't buy the idea that Apple is trying to put together its own streaming TV service. More likely they will work with cable TV providers to make apps, so that the Apple TV can serve also as a cable box.

  4. Worst developed app on the APTV4 "YouTube"
    Best developed app on the APTV4 "HBOGO"

    They need a dark mode on the APTV4, that background is too bright for night viewing! I'm pretty sure  developers are aware of that, I hope! I'm not a fan of that bright background!

  5. Don't you think it sucks, that when you try to find one of your own tv shows in the tv shows app from apple, the tv shows aren't listet by seasons but you have to swipe thru sometimes hundreds off episodes 🙁 For example i want to see episode 7.12 and i have to start at episode 1.1 and swipe ( a long time) till i get there 🙁 ???

  6. Honestly optical cable is not necessary because you can feed the HDMI to the TV and then the optical cable for the TV into your speaker. Or you can use the Bluetooth audio capability to stream to the speakers. As long as there is no lag to stream audio.

  7. I bought the movies on iTunes Store so i can download it on my iPhone or Mac or windows, but wait… What about Apple TV 4 ? I mean why can't we watch the movies offline? Apple should thinking that Why every time do we need a Wi-Fi ??! My wish is that i can watch the movies or TV Shows OFFLINE ( no Wi-Fi or internet ) on the Apple TV 4

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