Asus Chromebook Flip C302 | Review

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17 thoughts on “Asus Chromebook Flip C302 | Review

  1. 0:58
    He's using it wrong:
    "The tablet mode isn't a good option…it weighs more than 2.5lbs…"
    Set the ASUS down and then flip the screen up toward you. No need to carry it when you're sitting at a table.

  2. An alternative is the Acer R13 too, similar in looks .. flip too. I own one and I have no issues with the Acer R13 .. even with it's Arm processor. Mind you I got a 6 mth pre owned one for £200 ($155 approx)

  3. the screen is only 1920×1080. Highest resolution reported by ChromeOS isn't actual screen resolution. I think it is for scalling purpose only…

  4. Not sure how your battery tests turned in 7hr performance- my C302 consistently gives me 9-10, and I'm in the Beta Channel to boot. Either way, I'm absolutely loving this Asus offering. This is coming from someone who switched from a Dell XPS-13.

    EDIT: If anyone has questions about this device, let me know. I'll do my best to answer anything concerning this Chromebook!

  5. Why wouldn't you want to use it in tablet mode? Perfect for leisure use such as browsing chorme, social media or playing a few play store games, watching netflix, hulu or youtube. I would use it as a laptop for work.

  6. Chromebook's are terminals to cloud computing, with 4G cell usb sticks you can have high speed data uploads!! getting around the current bottlenecks. Android is a step backwards until webasm apps become available.

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