Authentic Customer Assessments two- 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LS

This is our to start with evaluate and it happens to be my have auto. The 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LS one.eight four cylinder motor with a six velocity manual transmission. In general I like my Cruze. Even though it has its bothersome points which i express in the video clip, the fantastic absolutely outweighs the negative generating it a excellent auto with fantastic gasoline mileage, first rate electrical power, and a great deal of place and ease and comfort for working day to working day driving. In general it is a sound auto and in 8500 miles has but to give me a issue.
Constructive Criticism is usually welcomed. The films should get better as far as quality as I find out how to use my video clip editing application more.

22 thoughts on “Authentic Customer Assessments two- 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LS

  1. Been looking into these cars, how has it held up over the years? I'm just curious because I'm going to look at one tomorrow.

  2. Finally a real owners review from a real owner. And not from some company trying to sale a car. I'm in the market four my first new car. I've looked at all the imports and most of them are just junk. Also my service tech recommends a USA made vehicle for parts & repair. And with any car at some point it will be in the shop. Thanks for a good honest review,

  3. Been a while since a post or update from the owner, I wonder if thats because hes still walking home from the 5th breakdown and all the Toyota, Honda, Mazda, and Hyundai owners point and laughting at him as they go by!

  4. is it still reliable? any oil consumption?  when are you supposed to change the timing belt on that engine?

  5. was the engine fire recall on the 1.8 or the 1.4 because I know the 1.4 also had the antifreeze leaking into the cabin problem. I am hoping that the 1.8 is more reliable. I like the cruze

  6. Okay GM cars are stepping up its game one example is this: Cruze and really the car getting on fire were just a mistake. It's very nice and looks like a nice fun car. So yall GM haters just keep your opinions to yourself.

  7. Thanks for showing the annoying things I have been doing my research and had no clue about all of those things. Thanks!!

  8. I've really been looking at this car as my first actual car purchase. My crappy '01 Kia sportage is pretty much beyond repair. Honestly watching this video made my jaw drop because it has tons of cool features and everything I'm looking for and it's a big plus because I'm a chevy girl! Thank you so much for putting this up, this confirms my decision and its good to know that even if you buy it used you are gonna get some serious bang for your buck 🙂

  9. There are a few routes you can take if you want to see more power out of the Cruze. Trifecta, Vermont Tuning, and JetChip all have a variety of tunes. If you want to do this kinda of stuff I would suggest joining a Cruze Forum like Cruzetalk . com

  10. No it hasn't and It won't. The reasoning for the fires was due to shotty mechanics and individuals who made a mess while changing the oil and didn't clean it up. They felt it wise to leave a flammable liquid in the hot engine compartment. For Public Relations reasons, however, GM could never say this so rather than blame the people they are making the car Idiot proof. Here in America they are actually cutting a large portion of the shield off rather than drilling holes.

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