Baby of Eden | Kinect Recreation Evaluation

Is Baby of Eden lastly the Kinect’s killer app for the hardcore gamer?

Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the designer of Place Channel 5, Rez, and Lumines, has been building game titles that combine rhythm and songs generation into the gameplay for many decades. His newest, Baby of Eden, carries on the custom, embracing the new technology of Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral to supply a manufacturer new type of working experience. Do Alex, Dan, and Jeff assume this video game lastly delivers on the promise of controller free of charge gaming? Is it a must-obtain for Kinect house owners? Could it perhaps be truly worth proudly owning the product, just to engage in it? Or does it just engage in superior with a normal controller?

Be sure to look at back tomorrow for our review of the motion picture, A Better Lifetime!

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31 thoughts on “Baby of Eden | Kinect Recreation Evaluation

  1. What kind of review is this?! You only show a few promo videos behind you for a minute or so, and the rest of the 15 minutes it's just you blabbering about the game. Show more gameplay! Show some of you playing the game!

    Anyway, I think the PS3/PSMove version is easier on your arms, since you can use the PSMove controller inside the gun accessory, so you're playing this as an on-rails light-gun game.

  2. The entire library seems to be entirely made up of minigames (That are usually all the same stuff – ducking, running on the spot, jumping, etc.), dance games a small selection of games like Child of Eden that are different, but don't work too well and are pretty boring, and Rise of Nightmares, the only game that I have any fun with on my Kinect.

    Yeah, you'd be wasting your money.

  3. anybody that has a Xbox 360 Kinect have any tips? is it worth buying is it as fun as they say it is? and if anyone knows, what is it like playing on a medium sized tv? please if you know let me know, planned on getting one but dont wanna waste $300!

  4. The Background is misspelled , it should say MAÑANA , the line (tilde) should be over the letter N not the letter A.

  5. @tbonewilson They have a crap ton of viewers threw podcast subscriptions. Hardly anyone watches on YouTube.

  6. @tbonewilson im guessing somewhere between 30,000-50,000 … they dont just air on youtube … they air on the Revision3 website, and have the iTunes download feed as well … add all of those together and its probably a hefty amount … the sponsors all make deals with Revision3, which has a ton of other shows as well … i would love to see a combined per-episode viewer count … its always been interesting to me

  7. @SaiE8 s'all good .. i used to watch on the itunes feed, but youtube just ended up being easier with the daily format and whatnot

  8. How many viewers does TRS actually have? How are they making money off sponsors with such low viewing figures?

  9. @fuzzmasterflexify lol i usually watch it on rev 3 site so i dont see the trolls lol

  10. @MoldytoasterMedia They pretty much film once/twice a week they just split it up hence they wear the same clothes

  11. Great background, but the accent is over the wrong letter. 😉 Great show guys! Love the daily format!

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