Batman: Arkham Knight Graphics Comparison Xbox A single Vs. PS4

The console variations of Rocksteady’s most up-to-date are unbelievably very similar. See if you can spot the variations.

45 thoughts on “Batman: Arkham Knight Graphics Comparison Xbox A single Vs. PS4

  1. I could care less

    pc gamers : Oh the ps4 uh fps is better than xbox
    xbox gamers: ps4 is better unless you want British kids?
    ps4 gamers: rich spoiled slobs
    Me someone that just wants to enjoy a game

  2. The part when Batman's is driving his car makes it look like he's racing against himself from another dimension.

  3. i dont get it… Why is everyone arguing the only differance is that xbox obe is a TINY Bit Darler

  4. Playstation is better if you enjoy shitty mic quality, 6 year old British kids, and black guys who think Call of Duty is real war

  5. PS4 has fractionally better graphics cos it has more power. Whether or not you can tell the difference though is another matter. It's better to make sure you get the console with the games you want and a decent tv or monitor to get the best picture quality.

  6. this game was made to play in xbox one, if you play in a remakeindiestation 4 you're insulting the franchise

  7. The one thing I did notice was that at the end scene where they freeze gordon holding the walkie talkie, you can see the numbers on the walkie-talkie on the PS4 are clearer and more crisp, as well as that blue sign in the background. Not that it really matters it's just a measure to compare them. I own the Xbox one but I thought i would throw it out there.

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