BGR: Neuroshima Hex board game review and overview

Neuroshima Hex is a post- apocalyptic wargame based on the Neuroshima RPG by portal, The components pictured are from my copy (3rd ed) by Z-Man games. I could have discussed this game for hours, and there is more to the game than i could show in such a short period of time. Neuroshima Hex has quickly become one of my favorite games.

* In regards to the review: Melee, I’ve always struggled with the pronunciation of this and i apologize if i say it incorrectly, the games title i am also a bit unsure of it’s correct pronunciation. The 4 player game my problem originates from the opposing team discussing their Turns out loud each turn in detail, I felt that when a battle came around there weren’t really any surprises or suspense as a result. In my 2/3 player games they are loaded with surprises.

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  1. There are notes saying that the bases won't act to keep things simple! You can read the comments below where this has been mentioned a few times.

  2. @splashchampion No I am correct. As I clearly state that for the purpose of the overview the bases will not give off their special abilities, there are notations also saying they won't attack too. I like my videos to stay around 10 mins, adding in any more info about bases etc just made it too long:).

  3. An excellent review!

    Really detailed and it inspired me to buy this game.

    Thanks for uploading buddy 🙂

  4. I downloaded this game to my iphone yesterday it is pretty good. Games like this eventually turn into games on the console or a animated t.v. show if they do turn into that this game would maybe last as long yu-gi-oh and other shows that were good for about 4 or more years.

    What i really want is a book of this game they could make plenty of those easy, separate for each faction or of alot of conflicts it would be just great.

  5. @YoksterMan, I'm really keen to get Babel but it seems hard to get here. It's on order but no firm date given for it's arrival. Mate, I'm glad you did mention the drawing sequence. I love it when people contribute to the threads, It gives people more info and thats never a bad thing. It's hard through text , we need the BGG smileys : ) i hope my reply didn't seem Narky at all. Regards, James.

  6. @harrymaxryan I'm sure you'll enjoy Babel13, it adds a lot of options to the game. I look forward to giving Duel a try myself.

    Regarding turn order and tile draws, I simply wanted to illustrate to people who haven't played the game. Your overview was very good considering the 10-minute limit.

  7. @YoksterMan, Cheers mate, I'm glad you think the babel Expansions great because I've ordered it but it will be a few months away.
    P.s (I mention in the review on the "majority" of your turns you will draw 3).

  8. Nice review James. Another note, at the start of the game the start player only draws one tile and may save, play or discard it. Next, the second player draws two tiles, and may save, play or discard them. Not until the third player turn do you draw up to three tiles, and not until you have three tiles face up on the table in front of you are you forced to discard one tile per turn. I love the game and the Babel13 expansion, and look forward to trying Duel, which is optimized for 2-player games.

  9. I really enjoy your reviews. Watch them within a day or two of your upload. Sounds like you enjoy making your reviews. Keep em coming.

  10. I thought everybody forgot about this game. I can't see anyone on forum, where were many fan armies and all that stuff. Unfortunately all fan armies are deleted from servers, so I think I can't download them… Good to see this review here.

  11. @muk83, Cheers mate, You're right, I had to cull this one down so much to fit it in the 10 min limit, I must have either forgot to mention it or i may have cut it out, I added an annotation to clarify that in the example to keep it simple bases wouldn't act at all. Thanks for picking that one up mate.

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