Big Business Deluxe for Android App Review and Gameplay

Big Business Deluxe for Android is a time management game that challenges your business skills. Can you make the big deals necessary to build your business from nothing to a multi-million empire?

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Big Business Deluxe for Android – Become A Virtual Billionaire! (Video)

App Description

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a billionaire? Build your own business empire from the ground up! Build the city of your dreams and rake in millions, right now! Learn all the secrets of successful business management.
Build factories, manufacture products, expand your city, and entertain its citizens. Make your business the most successful and prosperous one around!
The big boss’s chair is waiting for you!

– Build your business empire, guiding its fiscal activity
– Purchase factories and manufacture products
– Control the production chain at each stage
– Expand your holdings
– Achieve exciting goals
– Extinguish fires and ensure the comfort and safety of your residents
– Build a metropolis and develop its infrastructure
– Manage your people
– Earn your first million dollars

– Fast-paced business environment
– Colorful graphics and excellent animation
– Tips on business development
– Huge selection of picturesque buildings
– Immersive sound effects
– Employees work on their tasks even while you rest
– Free to play
– No advertisements

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What’s new

– There’s a Christmas adventure happening at Big Business! That means we’ve come up with a whole host of surprises for our favorite players! Holiday buildings, new rewards, and unique offers will keep you entertained for days! Wonderful adventures await you!
– This update brings you a great surprise! You’ll have to build a Research Center where the best scientists in the city will work on really important and useful things.
– You will be able to build special modules to boost rate of production, increase revenue and improve the quality of life for your citizens.

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8 thoughts on “Big Business Deluxe for Android App Review and Gameplay

  1. Not worth the trouble to play this game. I've played this for a good two weeks straight and found the grind to be insane. Despite it I kept going. I was determine to get this Eiffel tower within the 30 days. However I hit a serious problem when the next quest required me to get chisels from friends. The game has a terrible means of add friends and you can't just add randomly from those you see online.

    I didn't mind the grind but it has to be noted that the game has it. Yet as determined as I was, the power to complete it was taken away from me when I was forced to get chisels from friends to progress further in the Eiffel Tower questline. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Just nope..!

    I'll go find me something to play and maybe give them my money for not being assholes and creating such a brutal envoriment that damn near would force anyone to pay cash regularly just to make reasonable progress.

    Fuck this game!

  2. Very frustrating game as you progress. I am a patient person, but, really, just to add any factory you have to first buy land, increase population, add electricity for that level, and upgrade administration, all of which beyond level 7 or so cost several hours of production if you are playing almost all the day.

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