Blackberry Passport Review – The Gadget Show

Could Blackberry’s Passport save their ailing fortunes? We take a look in this very video review…..

16 thoughts on “Blackberry Passport Review – The Gadget Show

  1. this a nice phone, it has all my apps that i have on my iphone 6. i really thinking about getting this phone, os is very smooth and different.

  2. Filthy crumb covered tabletop… finger smudges on the box… microphone too close to the narrator's face.. yeah, quality stuff :/

  3. My blackberry passport i just purchased here in Dubai does not have a back light on the keyboard..compared to the video. Why is it so? 

  4. Blackberry has always been the "We make everything ourselves" company from the early 2000s.. But now, their OS is so uncommon, with the least amount of features against Android/iOS. They should turn over to Android, put their own "professional/business" skin on it, and call it a day. Otherwise they're just wasting their time.

    Oh and real keyboards… Yeah, those died out in 2006.

  5. I think he failed to mention that you can sideload Android apps, so you can send dick pics on Snapchat with this phone guys, no need to worry

  6. Nice looking phone…some nice specs…

    Unfortunately very little apps are available and the software is just as shit as Samsung's touchwiz.

    Sorry blackberry, bankruptcy is upon you.

    R.I.P blackberry

  7. I really like Blackberry I want them to make a phone that is amazing like they used to but they have just lost their touch 🙁

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