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You cannot you should all people all the time, and if there is certainly any organization that understands this improved than many others correct now, it really is BlackBerry. At the showy start for BlackBerry 10, the organization at last unveiled its new steady of smartphones with which it would combat the likes of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia and Google. No uncomplicated process, that, and so BlackBerry rolled out not just one, but two weapons: the all-touch Z10 and the portrait-QWERTY Q10.

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36 thoughts on “BlackBerry Q10 evaluation | Engadget

  1. I'm looking to buy this phone, I have a note but it doesn't satisfy me quite like the blackberry does. plus I want a keyboard I can feel. I'm getting the tab 4 so all the stuff the note can do as far as entertainment, I can get there. I find it annoying when watching a video and a text pops up on my screen. what I need to know is can i use the Google gps instead of the one from blackberry. or is the one from blackberry free? I haven't had one in 5 years.

  2. Is this device still worth to buy in these recent days? I considering to buy this device to support my job in office. I need some advise here.

  3. Can I download on screen Arabic keyboard on this phone ,and also can I download Whats app application .

  4. Can I download on screen Arabic keyboard on this phone ,and also can I download Whats app application .

  5. To everyone rocking the Q10:

      After almost 2 years of use, any issues with screen burn in? Its does have an amoled display and burn in is associated with that type of screen.

  6. Ive had an iPhone since the 3gs came out and I've had an Android (Note 2) and I've had blackberries (bold and Z10). I love the iPhone and all but i feel it takes a lot of my time because I'm always checking social media like instagram or Facebook or vine and all those other apps  and games available on IOS and Android markets. I personally am going to switch to the Blackberry Q10. Wont be on my phone as much (unless I'm working) and it will be a good phone to have once i assume management position in the career field I'm working in. All phones are great but for those who are business oriented the BBQ10 or any BB is good to have. 

  7. I have note 2 best phone I have ever bought. But like the BlackBerry there is the physical 1 button lol home button and a physical pen to draw with and use . It's just something about having something physical to press with or use. I can't stand a phone where the home back and menu is o n the screen drives me nuts

  8. @Christopher Li-Reid absolutely thats the whole reason i want this phone. i dont want to be looking at a damn screen all day looking at pictures of cats and vine videos all day or whatever sheeps use it for. the iphones screen wasnt much bigger till the ip5. i dont even mind the lack of apps. all i really need are the ones that are pre installed anyways. micro sd and removable battery, yes! 

  9. Horrible phone. Had it for 2 months and it started freezing and shutting off by itself. Blackberry needs to step up their game if they want to compete with the big boys in the smartphone industry.

  10. so with your logic, people who prefer big phones must be braind dead, i mean you seriousely like making calls with having a 5 inch screen? People use phones for different purposes. This q10 is for people who type alot, which means they opt for physical keyboards than having giant screen that isn't pleasant for longer typing experience.

  11. big android user with lots of specs but i LOVE THIS THIS SIMPLE LIFE PHONE the Q10 and the 1000th like hit was mine @engadget

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