Blurb Image E-book Evaluation

A Blurb photograph reserve overview displaying you two examples of Blurb photograph textbooks. Get a Blurb coupon and promo code here:

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I truly feel Blurb makes a single of the ideal photograph textbooks on the marketplace and in this video clip, I chat about the different functions and why they’re excellent.

The 1st reserve I exhibit you in this Blurb photograph reserve overview is a photograph reserve I developed of my young children from previous 12 months. I wished this photograph reserve to previous for many years and many years so I upgraded to a tough deal with with a dusk jacket and upgraded to top quality paper.

The 2nd reserve in this Blurb photograph textbooks overview is a reserve I developed with Blurb’s on the web reserve generating procedure. I used the Zurich designer template which is so simple to use it took me one hour to make it. I was heading for a airy experience for this photograph reserve so I improve to a linen tough deal with, white end sheets and Blurb’s Proline photograph paper.

The good quality of these textbooks are just superb and they truly are the ideal photograph textbooks out on the marketplace.

Blurb provides 1st time users fifteen% off their initial photograph reserve. The moment in a whilst they will have a sale so make absolutely sure you signal up for my publication so I could allow you know when there is a Blurb promo code or coupon code.

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19 thoughts on “Blurb Image E-book Evaluation

  1. Hey this is nice! Thanks for the review. I have a question though. On the second book, how did you get the hardcover to be fabric? I would like that but I don't know how to do it. I don't see any options to do it. Also, can you pug a picture on the fabric hard cover? I don't want a dust jacket. And one more thing… sorry! Does Blurb give you the option to sort of "engrave" the text on the cover? So it's not flat but has indentation where the letters go? Thanks!

  2. Be careful with Blurb . Their software is very glitchy and they offer zero customer support. When you call the support number you get only sales help Zero technical support. When you use their email support, it can often take up to a week for a response.

  3. Thank you so much for reviewing this! Going to be creating a coffee table book with this website! Thanks again!

  4. Such a cool book! I like your descriptions of the food! I am going to do this like the quality and FYI dig your images in the background of your family, great ideas to put in my mind blender! -Jon

  5. How did you create the book that has all the tiles on the front cover? Is there a template for that?

  6. Thank you. This was helpful. And what a very sweet, thoughtful book you've made for prosperity. Really lovely. Congratulations.

  7. "This is actual photo paper" uhmm, no it's not. It's similar to the paper that you use for printing out photos at home, but it's still just an offset print. High quality, I'm sure, but far from what real developed photos offer.

  8. nice books! I was wondering, how is the quality of the text? is it comparable to a standard magazine or professional book fine print? or is it blurry? thanks!

  9. thank you so much for sharing~
    I wonder if I can ask how much does it cost to upgrading the cover to the oatmeal cover… I am actually doing a pocket size book which it does not offer that much of the option on paper…and I am worried that they might not let me upgrade to proline with that kind size of the book.

  10. Amy, thanks for the tips on the different qualities available and your recommendations. More than that, like you said, your children will know what they were like at different stages in their lives when they get older. It definitely is more than just a photo book/album; it is a lifetime of memories captured and preserved. 

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