Board Activity Breakfast: Episode sixteen – Microgames

Tom Vasel and crew take a appear at the most current board sport information, critiques, and more!

:00 – Opening Credits
:21 – Howdy / Light-weight News

Board and Card Activity News
:fifty six – Stronghold Activity News
one:22 – Fantasy Flight News
one:48 – Golden Geek Awards
2:32 – Cryptozoic News
2:58 – Ares Video games News
3:13 – Portal Activity News

Kickstarter Update (Guest Segment)
3:29 – Kickstarter News

Forthcoming Video games
5:13 – Forthcoming and New Releases

Video games in sixty Seconds (Guest Segment)
six:57 – Quantum

Board Activity Apps (Guest Segment)
seven:57 – Neuroshima Hex

A single-Strike Wonders
nine:fifty two – Nuns on the Run

Ivory Dice Tower (Guest Segment)
12:33 – Punished By Rewards

Dice Tower Online video
15:35 – Forthcoming Movies and Podcasts

RDTN Presents PSA (Participant Assistance Announcement) (Guest Segment)
sixteen:23 – Extreme Cellular phone Use

Tom Thinks.
18:20 – Microgames

Snakes and Lattes Presents (Guest Segment)
23:35 – Snakes Favourites: Revolution!

twenty five:forty three – Wrap up / Goodbye
26:26 – Test out and
26:35 – Thank you to our sponsor, Awesome Stuff Inc.

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37 thoughts on “Board Activity Breakfast: Episode sixteen – Microgames

  1. Micro games have been brilliant for me at school. I use games as a way of getting students to interact, build relationships, communicate, sportsmanship, collaboration, and problem solving. Micro games have meant that I can pull a game out at lunch time and have enough time to set up and get into it with minimal explanation of what is going on. Micro games are perfect from that 40 minute lunch break.

  2. You should know that Settlers of Catan is part of the newest Humble Bundle for Android over at humblebundleDotCom, you can pay as much as you wish and can choose how much goes to charity :)

  3. the phone usage… totally agree!  I've got a guy that ALWAYS does that.  So frustrating!  Thanks guys!

  4. It's actually called, "Daylight Saving Time."  It's easy to want to say, "Savings", though.  That is what I grew up with too.  heh

  5. Tom is this postmodern era in which catchy terminology is king, you have to get it right. It won't be 'big games' it will be 'macrogames' that the next fad will fade into :P

  6.  "Punished by Rewards"  I think rewards are most commonly used to motivate a person into doing something that he/she isn't willing to do. There is little point in rewarding someone for doing something (s)he already likes doing.
    You are right about children loosing their desire to learn in school. Before kids can learn on their own pace and initiative about the things that intrest them (Dad, why is the sky blue?) But once in school they have to sit stil and learn about other things than what they are intrested in (Mrs hoover? why is the sky blue? – This is MATH CLASS! Shut up and do arithmatic!) at a pace that might not suit them. It also takes away some of their control and motivation: you no longer learn because you can and want to, you learn because you HAVE to.

  7. What? using dice as your spaceships? Were the makers to lazy/cheap to include pawns or models? Jeez, even if  this was in the star trek universe and they were suposed to represent borg cubes i would find that stupid!

  8. I've never thought i need fillers until recently, when after playing a few big games it is refreshing to finish the game night by something light. I have kickstarted Coin Age because i was curious to try pay-what-you-want concept. But when they started to bring a game every week, i just unsubscribed. Not going to buy dozens of microgames. I agree, i better have some 10 times more costing big but more satisfying game.

  9. I have a bunch of white envelopes on a shelf from CheapAss Games that I'm not sure would follow under the term "micro game", but they are fun and easy to play. Pick the game size according to the mood and needs of the group. Sometimes you need to take over the universe in a 4X game, sometimes you just need to kill Doctor Lucky.

  10. Another great video. I was wondering, BGB Nick, if you would consider updating us on kick starters that are coming to a close. That way people who may have missed of forgot about a kick starter project can check in one last time before it ends. I know you want to be concise so it may not be realistic, but its something I would consider. I  also find Scott Nicolson's section ridiculously insightful. I've actually gone and purchased the book because it's intrigued me so much.

  11. I don't understand the microgame discussion, almost like it's an either/or situation with bigger games. Can't we have both? Maybe the reason people don't play them so much at cons is that they're cheap enough that everyone who's interested in them already has a copy at home and they want to play something fresh.

  12. p.s: Snakes and Lattes is quickly becoming my favorite part of BGB. Always funny and entertaining. Good work guys!

  13. Personally I hope micro games don't fade out. At the end of the day it's still a genre of game different from others. Not sure why anybody would want a type of game that is enjoyed by many to fade away. They have their place. They are great filler games. They are terrific travel games to boot. Of course most people aren't going to have a night of microgames, but was that ever really the argument? I will never hope for a genre of game to go away, even if it's a genre I personally don't like. If it gets people to the table and somehow furthers our hobby to a wider range of people then i'm all for it. 

  14. Micro Games are good because as you mentioned they are good fillers. I can understand why you don't see it at conventions as much because its better to pick up something with more substance in them but if you wanted to sit down on break with a friend, between games or while your simply waiting on someone. Love letter I can toss in my pocket and we could kill 15-20 minutes without having any real setup or put up after.

  15. I think you might put to much meeple in your coffee.  Gotta be careful of that.  You don't want to get meepbeties. ;)

  16. 12:50 "Punished by Rewards" This is scary.. giving kids Grades and others awards for things they like to do makes them less likely to do those things without the rewards? Makes people less likely to go and learn on their own? That explains so much..

  17. What did Rustan and the guys who made "Nations" do to you since you don't review their game? Definitely one of the greatest games of 2013, both Rahdo and BGG nominations shows it.

  18. Am I the only one who didn't think Tom was bashing Kingdom Builder? The comment seemed more like "You're probably not watching this show anymore if you like Kingdom Builder after the Kickstarter segment last week" as opposed to "You're silly for liking Kingdom Builder."

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