Board Game Breakfast 141 – Digital Now

:20 – Intro
one:42 – Board Game Information
4:24 – Crowdfunding Spherical-up with Suzanne
8:51 – Component Minute
ten:30 – Q & A with Tom and Jason
14:01 – Whitleypedia
16:eleven – The Board Game Makeover
eighteen:25 – Robert Provides: Portray Miniatures one zero one
20:40 – Dice Tower Productions
22:14 – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
25:20 – Board Gaming with Colleagues
27:23 – Tom Thinks (Digital Now)
35:21 – Enjoying the Information
37:20 – The Ideal and the Worst
39:16 – Dice Dice Newborn
41:15 – Suzanne evaluations Apps
forty three:08 – Video games with Dan and Cora
45:03 – Lifeless Very last
46:fifty five – Snakes & Lattes
50:06 – Closing Views
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25 thoughts on “Board Game Breakfast 141 – Digital Now

  1. you should check out SLA. it'll probably be done and completed by then but it's a cool war game [buy figures separately]

  2. What if there was an app to handle running, finding and porting all the other various board game apps. Something similar to the Java run time environment that was cross platform and then itself would run all the apps. It could also have other board game sorting/playing features.

    Would anyone want this?

    It would reduce development costs for cash starved publishers possibly allowing more games to have better apps and it would handle the security and permission issue with having a random assortment of apps.

  3. @Chaz – I've been using poker chips recently, and I didn't have much confusing with 25's or with 20's. But that may be because poker chips don't look like paper money, so it's easier to adapt. But I also use a Dvorak keyboard… so maybe I'm just weird =P

  4. Cosmic Encounter plays 6 pretty well… i mean it's slower… but it's not horrible… But I do enjoy it most with 5. Personally.

  5. "If I wanted to think I'd stop drinking paint!" and if that was not enough he then goes after Dice Tower money.

    Chaz, you are my hero. You are one funny guy. One of you best PoDP.

  6. I can totally relate the 5 or 6 players situation. Sometimes it's not about you can split the group or not in theory, friends wanting to bring 1 or 2 of their friends occasionally and when time goes by they'd become part of the regular. With only 1 table space for game, only 1 or 2 people who can teach the game with the rest non-gamers, it'd be a huge disappointment for them to choose which side of the 2-3 players group to play with since they don't see the fun that way. With 6 people I can pick some lighter party-ish game but seriously I don't understand why some very light games only support 4 players, what's wrong with the option to include the 5th player when a game is really light?????

    And even though Catan is best not to play with 5 to 6 players, but we had to and we did it quite often, it's not ideal but we found it fun because we all wanted to game together. It's nice that some games offer such option for the games we really like, otherwise those wonderful games would either be a dust collector or won't be added to our collection. You could argue that there are many good 5+ players game, but what if those "many games" don't click for me?

  7. I agree with your rant Tom, I tried to play a 4 player pass-n-play game of Catan on the iPad once. We quit 2 hours in with almost no progress because turns took too long. I like ap-board hybrid games but please never let our boards be replaced with binary!!

  8. I like 5e D&D but I still rather play Pathfinder. I don't like all the concentration spells in 5e, the lack of magic items and the bonuses they give, and the tacked-on feel of feats. I guess it's the watered-down feel that I don't like but it's a billion times better than 4e.

  9. Excellent Tom thinks segment, I totally agree. Apps that enhance what the boardgame is about and take care of the booking and less fun aspects are a great thing, particularly in thematic games.

  10. As far as groups of 6 or more my group (myself included) is against splitting people up. We meet to play a game together as well as talk and enjoy each other company. dividing each other up into groups just sounds terrible to be completely honest.

    what we do however, if the game doesn't allow more than say 4 players, is have any couples team up as one player. it actually makes it more fun because each couple start working and communicating together to try and beat everyone else.

  11. Digital is fine but what happens when the technology no longer support its it. Unless the game has a physical set of rules that allows the game to be played without the mandatory need for an app, then games like the new Mansions of Madness have a limited life. If a company or fans don't support the app feature then if you say want to play the game in 10 years time, with the way technology changes, odds are you may very well not be able to. Nice idea, but I'll stick to games that don't require mandatory apps, certainly "helpers" are fine, but any game that has a built in requirement has a shelf life.

  12. Love the shoutout to Dvorak keyboards! I used to use them. They were great, part from the fact that they weren't compatible with some programs, such as Photoshop, where the shortcuts still were in Qwerty, which was confusing, so I switched back. One day I'll go back to Dvorak, because it's cooler.

  13. tom you obviously have never played a game in a poorly lit pub with a dark carpet where you loose dice on the floor only 2 ft away from you the glow in the dark part of those dice is extremely useful in the right places

  14. Poor D&D 4e. Sure, it was a failure in execution, but it offered some great ideas and 5e could've stood to borrow some of those rather than roll so much back to third edition.

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