Board Match Breakfast: Episode fifty one – Playing the match the “proper” way

Tom Vasel takes a glance at the information for the 7 days, joined by a host of contributors

Demonstrate Notes (thanks to MarioFantaticXV)
00:00 – Opening Segment with Tom Vasel
02:36 – Board Match Information with Tom Vasel
05:05 – Board Match Brawls’ Kickstarter Update
07:seventeen – Tom Vasel’s What is on the Shelf?
09:27 – The Discriminating Gamer
11:11 – Snakes and Lattes
thirteen:28 – Q & A with Tom and Jason
sixteen:21 – Dice Dice Baby with Tom Vasel
21:fifty seven – Suzanne Presents Board Match Applications
twenty five:twelve – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
27:22 – Bored Avid gamers preview
29:twenty five – The Nerdy Girl
31:forty one – Tom Thinks
37:00 – Whitleypedia
39:09 – The Chalk
forty:52 – Closing Segment with Tom Vasel

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23 thoughts on “Board Match Breakfast: Episode fifty one – Playing the match the “proper” way

  1. I don't necessarily disagree with what Tom was saying about the "playing the games the right way part" but every once in a while I have played a game and missed out on some obvious things I should have bee doing that led to me to not enjoying it. The first time I played Carcassonne I thought it was terribly boring until I realized I really was supposed to be trying to block in my opponent and try to connect to their sections to "steal" their points. I enjoyed it way much better after I realized that and it's so ridiculously obvious in hindsight and I don't blame the game for it. But I think every once in a while people might have a point in saying that somebody might be missing something that actually might help them enjoy the game more. It's possible.

  2. I really don't know if Jason adds a lot to this show. Seems to take himself way too seriously. Don't mean to be a hater!

  3. Just saw the thing about the glowy terrain stuff.  Sam's idea for Power Grid's glowy deluxe edition doesn't seem so far-fetched now, does it Tom? :P

  4. Dice Masters isn't Thematic at all. It's like if I designed a dice game around Lord of the Rings and Gandalf and Sauron's dice sucked, and Merry and Pippin's dice dominated all tournament play.  I understand the game can't be just like in the comics, or Phoenix would beat everyone else in the game combined, but seriously, at least make her do something really cool.  And no one has explained how global abilities are thematic.  Why can I use my opponent's hero's powers?  How come we can both field 4 Wolverine's at the same time?  Why is Doctor Octopus as strong as the freakin' Hulk????

  5. Actually oversized box as shown there in case of Splendors is like a trick – bigger box looks like there are more valuable game in it. And therefore it can be sold more expensive. I don't like that at all! Take example from Hanabi, Love Letter and other efficiently packed games.

  6. Quo Vadis is EXCELLENT. It looks really dry and boring but it's as fun as the negotiations you make and this game gives you a TON of freedom for the negotiation.

  7. +PairOfDice Paradise I use small totes from the dollar store to handle some of my games for portability purposes. Nations, one of the most egregious space-wasters I've stumbled on, fits better in my bag that way (the boards stay loose in the same compartment), and The Builders, Love Letter, and Koryo all fit in another to comprise my complement of filler games. I also have Elder Sign rigged up the same way – it's easier to slide it beside another box instead of layering its wide, flat form on top of another. Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert fit together in yet another. This allows me to make sure whatever group I'm gaming with has the widest selection possible to pick from.

  8. @Chaz Marler – well for Splendor, which is more a package than a good game anyway, you can solve it easily: Sell it on eBay or don’t buy it in fist place.

    Many of my game boxes are actually pretty filled. Either because they are filled by default or by expansion content. The logical choice for me is… sell some games ;-)

  9. I have a big question that I've wondered about for a while- what is it about board games (vs. video games)that allows people to successfully release MANY board games around very mundane themes that would never make it in video gaming world? For example, shipping livestock to India does not seem like a video game anyone would play, but it could be a beloved board game…discuss! :)

  10. About that playing the right way. Im gonna go into one of my experiences, and its gonna be long, so skip this comment if you wish.

    See i got into munchkin a long time ago with my old DnD group. However when i picked it up myself i was with a diffrent group. I went from fledgeling power gamers, to the party hard crazy wild fun people. So when munchkin hit the table, it became a social event that those that were intimidated by DnD could jump into and do well in… and at the same time not care how they do.

    There were a few rules that we felt slowed down the game. Since this group was just about haveing fun, we did away with them and strengthened other rules. Specifically "Only one player can help you." Competively we can aggree to that, but for our situation it didnt make sence. Thematicly you NEVER go anywhere in DnD alone. And when killing a monster became an excuse to have another drink, it really slowed things down. Thus we started playing less competitively and started playing more cooperatively. More loot, more levels, more games, more shenanigans, less hardcore by far. This has spread to most everywhere else i play the game.

    Well years later me and a completely different group of friends went to an anime convention. And in the game room one of the nights we got together to try one of the munchkin sets we didnt have, munchkin-fu. Half of us have played the game before.. and we tried teaching it, but in one of the early turns, the girl running the game room was observeing and corrected us on that rule. Two of the other people that knew the game have never played it that way. And speicificaly the rule "the owner of the game haveing the last word," came up. So we played it the "right" way.

    One of those two players that we were introducing the game to, was never into games that weren't minecraft. And i think this experience negatively impacted her view of board games. She ended the game at level 2, because of horrific card draws and our inability to cooperatively take down her monsters that she drew. Its common where at home every player would have jumped in and helped her out, having all 6 of us kill a monster so she could get somewhere. I would have gladly tanked winning that game if she had more fun with it. And the ~other~ player that we introduced the game to that evening, still wont play munchkin. Insisting to play his other games he's now got instead.

    I realize this is an exception. But that exception would have been avoided if we played by our house rules.

    Told you that was gonna be long 😛 We play games to have fun, it may not be the way its intended. But who cares. We are buying fun in a box, not "instructions specifically labeled and quantified by a person who you will never meet." If we wanted that we could do model airplanes instead. And to everyone that read all that. Ty huggles and keep gameing!

  11. So why is whaling an atrocity and deer hunting is a pastime? I'm legitimately asking, I don't know much about the degree of cruelty associated with either because I'm not into killing stuff for funsies.

  12. Tom, I would prefer to see BGB capped at around 30 minutes. Maybe try to cycle through some of the newer contributors instead of allowing everyone weekly spots. I would also recommend requiring a minimum level of production value. Some of the segments are pretty jarring in contrast.
    Thanks for all the entertainment!

  13. No comments about the Galaxy Trucker app? For shame! It really is a great app. From the moment I started up the game and heard that infectious music I knew I was in good hands. Just a wonderful app, although Suzanne is right on the mark when she points out that people tend to love or hate Galaxy Trucker itself.

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