Board Recreation Evaluate: Dungeons and Dragons Castle Ravenloft

This 7 days we assessment the to start with in a line of D&D board video games, Castle Ravenloft! At the conclude we give the sport a rating from one to 10 in our a few categories Replay Price, Simplicity of Use, and General Fun.

This is a tile laying modular fantasy sport in a simplified realm of Dungeons and Dragons. On the lookout to get into position actively playing video games. This may be a excellent begin.

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18 thoughts on “Board Recreation Evaluate: Dungeons and Dragons Castle Ravenloft

  1. What is the replay value on these? Do u keep your characters and you can keep playing again and again or is it individual instances? Is it like Pathfinder where you play for a long time with ur champ?

  2. "That's why we give it a 9. For the werewolf."
    Damn it werewolf! You had one job! … And you were running late…

  3. We bought this as our first D&D game and the first thing i noticed is that i only have 1 dice in my ravenloft game while your showing 4 dices. I checked some unboxing videos for ravenloft and they also have 1 dice. So im very puzzled. Are there different versions of the ravenloft game ? I want to note that absolutly everything looks the same as my game besides for the dices. Hope someone can clear this up for me. Thanks.

  4. Thanks guys! Fun review. This game has been sitting at my house for months now. My 3 year old and I just play with the figures but now I actually know how to play it the way it was designed. Keep making vids!

  5. All of your board game reviews have been great, also Sean has an epic beard.

    Hope you continue to make these reviews!

  6. Even in a co-op game, Sean "wins" in the end.  After a lifetime of experience, all I can say is: Get used to it…

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