Board Sport Breakfast: Episode ninety eight – My impression is the most important

Tom Vasel takes a seem at the news for the 7 days, joined by a host of good friends

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Clearly show Notes:
:20 – Intro
2:06 – Board Sport Information
three:forty five – Kickstarter Information with Board Sport Brawl
seven:fifteen – Whitleypedia
nine:20 – Board Sport Theater
eleven:twenty five – Dice Tower Productions
12:fifty – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
fifteen:55 – 7 days in Overview
twenty five:forty – Miniatures Painting
27:39 – Board Online games and Bow Ties
thirty:08 – Tom Thinks (My Feeling is Significant)
37:04 – The Ideal and the Worst
39:04 – Suzanne and Board Sport Applications
forty:fifty seven – Dice Dice Little one
forty two:24 – Board Sport Social
44:12 – Snakes and Lattes
forty six:36 – Closing Views

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38 thoughts on “Board Sport Breakfast: Episode ninety eight – My impression is the most important

  1. I love your top 10s for the reasons you explained : We often have 3 opinions on the same game. Because each of you reacts to the game and we quickly learn your invidual preferences. So the best reviews you do are the ones where you confronts your point of view with Sam and Zee. 🙂 Many thanks for all the great work team. :@)

  2. I like to hear the opinions of those who have played more board games than I, & those who know more about them than I because they are teaching me. However, I have found that I can't tell for sure if I'm going to like a game or not until I've actually played it.

  3. I find that Zee and I have similar opinions on games. When he says he likes a game, I usually seek it out… If it's still in print haha

  4. As far as taste and opinions, I have found my taste in games is between Tom and Sam's opinion. The best example is "Run, Fight, or Die". I hate zombie movies and will probably never watch another one again. I also am not overly fond of dice games. King of Tokyo is ok, and is better than New York right now but think KONY will be better when it gets expansions. I do like Bang the dice game more than either, it's #35 on my list. So I wasn't sure if I would like Run, Fight, or Die based on Tom's review. But I have 2 sons which like Zombie shows and video games, and want to get games they may like more. Sam's review on Run, Fight, or Die persuaded me to try it. And wow, I loved it! It is currently my #8. So when I get to hear both Tom and Sam on a game, I can get a better feel if I will like it. I side more with Tom on war games, for example. But lean toward Sam in thematic tastes.

  5. My opinion is the most important!
    Ranking segments. (In general – not this episode in particular. Not counting news and reviews.)
    1. Chaz Marler – Always entertaining!
    2. Tom Thinks – Always thoughtful!
    3. Whitleypedia – Always interesting!
    4. Board Games and Bow Ties – Always energetic!
    5. Snakes and Lattes – Sometimes interesting. Sometimes informative.
    6. Suzanne and Board Game Apps – Not of interest to me. Prefer Suzanne's segment on Board Game Blender.
    7. Board Game Social – Who cares?
    8. Board Game Theater – Horrible at best. Usually unwatchable.
    9. Robert Oren – Those biceps creep me out! Skip!

    Miss the Dukes of Dice. When they weren't making movies out of board games, they had some interesting and well presented topics. But the game-into-a-movie segments were definitely pointless.

  6. I love this format. Bringing in such a varied group of collaborators. Love all of it.

  7. On trusting reviews: Though I like to hear everyone's opinion, I tend to trust Ryan Metzler most of the Dice Tower family.

  8. I was watching Whitleypedia and I realized that haven't given it enough respect. The segment is solid every week. Kudos!

  9. When it comes to opinions… I always thought it would be neat if you could take a survey of the games you liked and then it would show how you aligned with each of the dice tower reviewers. This could potentially compare your Dice Towers People Choice submission vs each reviewers latest top 100 List. This would help new board gamers a lot to finding games they would potentially like and be able to sort through your opinions in reviews more easily. I've watched you guys for a while and have managed to figure who I align with best to understand if I will like a game. Or maybe you don't want this so people have to watch more of your videos!!! =) Scratch that idea

  10. Thank you for your personal story about the Jack Vassal Memorial Fund! I think it really helps everyone actually hearing from someone who was helped with it.

  11. I guess do to having to right historical book reviews I have a different take on what a review is. Although a review has a concluding opinion one still keeps objectivity in explaining the author's subject. The same would go for a game reviewer. A movie review actually does the same thing. Ebert is a movie critic where he takes a more critical view of a movie, though Ebert does give reviews. (which usually makes up the first half of his critique.). That is how I actually see Tom he is more of a critic who does reviews. A review just does that reviews the contents and mechanics of a game while a critic delves more deep and inserts more opinion and a deer analysis. I know to some this is splitting hairs but there is a difference between a reviewer and a critic.

  12. The public board game opinions I subscribe to most often are 1) Whoever does "The Purge" reviews on bgg, 2) Dan King the gameboy geek 3) Zee Garcia and 4) Tom Vasel.

  13. Sad to hear that we will get less Top 10 (30+) lists.
    Loved those lists and they opened my eyes for a lot of new games I might not have heard of if it had not been for your top 10 lists.
    Hope to see you reconsider that decision, if I had my way, I'd have even more top 10 lists from Tom, Sam & Zee.

  14. @BoardGames&Bowties Mike, I'm sad to learn your in a wheel chair, but am glad you found someone to give you support through this struggle. Here's to the hope of things turning around for you. Thanks for your great segments!

  15. Regarding the opinions of reviewers at the Dice Tower and beyond. Tom was my original gaming guru until I learned that Dungeon crawls were awful. Zee seems to confuse shiny gimmicks with fun factor, but his opinions generally are opposite mine. Sam is a grown man that prefers his games to involve playing with toys, so not helpful. Ryan Metzler emphasizes solid games, but he seems to like the big heavy games that involve elements of negotiation that unravel the rest of the game (though he tends to be closest). Joel Eddy liked Exploding Kittens. Enough said (I have played it). Jason's top 100 seemed to be composed of the 100 games he'd most recently played, as I saw no cohesion in his choices. The closest game reviewers out there are Geof Gambill and Heavy Cardboard. Heavy Cardboard tends to get excited for needless complexity, but Geof is probably the best for me, as he emphasizes the games that have the depth for continued play. I like to think of them as modern classics.

  16. Tom really nailed it when explaining about review styles and how you can gauge things based on opinions of those who are usually aligned with your likes or are polar opposites to your likes. heh There are people in my gaming group just like this… one guy says he likes something, it is highly likely I will dig it too… another guy in my group says he likes a game and I can almost be sure to dislike it. heh Not a perfect science, of course, but each piece of information is just another tool for my box. :-)

  17. If someone goes to the extinct that all of you at The Dice Tower and most, if not all, of the other board game reviewing channels go to I am going to put their opinions above that of hearsay. I love to hear what every one of you thinks about a game. I don't even really consider whether I agree or disagree with any of you though. I just enjoy listening to you guys give opinions. It is the endless amount of information I can obtain from your channel that I place a high value on. You produce quality work and accurate information. You provide exactly what I would think a lot of people want when researching board games. Much thanks to all involved!

  18. Tom, a few of your opening comments from "Tom thinks" I tend to disagree with.
    The bits about why would people say 'in my opinion"

    Clearly people voice opinions on the internet, and clearly other people take those people to task over their opinions.

    Say IMO is just a quicker way of saying, "What I just said is only my opinion, and I don't consider it a hard fact."

    Saying in my humble opinion is to use an even softer tone and almost says "This is only my opinion, and I'm not sure if it's correct" or "I'm not experienced enough to understand this properly, but this is my opinion"

    Nothing wrong with either of those. Please don't go bashing the small semblances of manners that are part of internet posting.


  19. best card storage solution I have found is they have wonder clear plastic folding boxes that are cheap and will take sleeves on cards! these are the best! trust me and they have several width sizes….take a look!

  20. The best storage in existence is still the custom foam core insert. So much work but I get a since of peace by putting it together. Plus I get my game over a competing copy of the game because all the people in the group want to see my inserts :).

  21. I say humble opinion sometimes, when i don't want my opinion to sound "my opinion is the most important" and when i'm not sure about a thing i'm talking, but still want to participate. Don't see anything wrong with that. And i really like Tom's review format: short gameplay overview (not some 15-20 minutes..), and a subjective, but honest opinion at the end. Zee is probably close to this, but he's reviewing smallish games mostly :))

  22. Chaz, try the soft plastic boxes by Ultra Pro. Those don’t break as easily.
    Also there are boxes out of wood by the dudes who did the dice tower branded … dice tower.

  23. Which Scythe didn’t look boring like hell in terms of gameplay. The theme and artwork: Awesome. But a pass for me.

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