Book Critique of “Make Countless numbers on Amazon in ten Hrs a Week!”

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Take pleasure in my guide assessment of Cynthia Stine’s guide “Make Countless numbers on Amazon in ten Hrs a Week!” Come across the links to Podcast and acquire alternatives beneath!

It was my satisfaction to assessment Cynthia’s guide as it is a fantastic “Phase-by-phase” information on how to produce a thriving Success By Amazon (FBA) organization beginning with a smaller financial investment.

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22 thoughts on “Book Critique of “Make Countless numbers on Amazon in ten Hrs a Week!”

  1. Do you think the book is still relevant today? I am just starting a fba business and it will be full time. I need to make a minimum of the same approximately $3,000 monthly. I am very interested in your opinion. Thanks in advance.

  2. I have ordered Chris Greens book. Do you use the Amazon toolbar and buy things online?

  3. Nice video.  Im very keen to get into RA but this book is very expensive.  $40 in the UK.  Is it worth it?

  4. Haha! I just told you about this book while I was answering comments! That's great that you found this book! I think you will really like it! Cynthia Stine (author of the book) is very thorough and a great teacher! It will answer any questions that you may have in the beginning of your FBA business! Thanks for watching and commenting! Good luck with your FBA business! 🙂 Take Care -Rob

  5. Hi there. That is the same reason that I'm not a huge fan of the "finding sites"…I recommend a couple for people to learn what types of products are good out there (except for the exclusive ones that have a very small membership amount like FBA Finds Gold) but then after they figure it out and become confident can find products on their own. The market gets flooded on many of those sites BUT if you can afford to hold it can be profitable later. The best thing to do is look where people don't!

  6. Hi,

    I'm looking for a good, current source of information on sourcing – it seems to me that that is the key. I've tried fat wallet, etc. But the problem with such sites is that when a great deal comes out, shortly thereafter the price on Ebay nosedives because 1000 other people did the same thing you did and it just kills the item's selling price. Thanks

  7. Hi there! I'm glad that you found this book helpful in starting your Amazon business! Cynthia is an AWESOME TEACHER and helps to take the overwhelm out of starting an Amazon FBA business! Slow and steady is a great way to start and learn:) Thanks for posting your testimonial! I appreciate you watching and commenting! Take Care -Rob

  8. I bought this book and I was able to get by business up an running, step by step. I am slowly growing and looking forward to long term success.

  9. Awesome! I am glad that you got it all straightened out! You have a good weekend also! Thanks for watching and commenting! Take Care -Rob

  10. Hi Bobby. I am sorry that you found a broken link. You should let Cynthia Stine know that you found that broken link so that she can fix it for you…she is very helpful and will make sure that the problem is fixed. I am sure that she will be happy for the information to improve her E-book and can give you the correct link to get the free month of ScanPower. Chris Green and the people at ScanPower are great to work with and are quite helpful. Take Care -Rob

  11. Thanks for the compliment Bobby! I appreciate you watching the video and taking the time to comment! Take Care -Rob

  12. Hi There. I did a very thorough review of this book in this video going chapter by chapter. This book is really good for people that want to see exact screen shots signing up for Amazon and also the ScanPower product. It also lays out Cynthia's systems for what to buy (with the rank listings) among other great ideas. Cynthia is an AWESOME and THOROUGH teacher and MANY PEOPLE have HAPPILY PURCHASED this book since I made this video. I would recommend buying the ebook as it has extra bonuses. -Rob

  13. I agree! I can see how using this book would be just like having an experienced Amazon seller right there with you while you set up your Amazon business!

  14. This book is Amazing! Cynthia takes you step by step, it is like having a angel on your shoulder helping you learn FBA. I highly recommend it!

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