Brandon’s Cult Film Opinions: Son of Godzilla

Godzilla is again with “Son of Godzilla” (1967), the motion picture that displays not only is Godzilla an unstoppable engine of destruction, he is also a proud father!

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47 thoughts on “Brandon’s Cult Film Opinions: Son of Godzilla

  1. Actually, Minya did have a mother. The second Big G film ever made was "Godzilla's Counter-attack" but in the States it was "Gigantis The Fire Monster". Gigantis was female and was the source of Minya's egg.

  2. Well at least this minya doesn't sound like Patrick star (off of spongebob)Fcked a fat 12 year old like he does on godzilla's revenge.Presley Powell told me to put this

  3. I think Minya is a stupid idiot and I hate him,but because he is the original son of Godzilla I would use him as Godzilla's son in a movie or a Book instead of Godzilla Junior or BabyGodzilla.But again his other sons are cooler and I hate him.

  4. But guys seriously. It's not Minillas fault he is ugly. It the Kamcuruses if they left Minillas egg alone. He would look so much like Godzilla and not the way he is now.

  5. maybe mynia was far far faaar away from hatching so when they crack that Egg he just wake up like this maybe maybe


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  8. Brandon glad your videos are back up. It seemed a while back all your videos or your channel was gone. Did some jerk give you a bogus DCMA notice?

  9. Hey Brandon, this movie has caused me to wonder, what's your thoughts on Godzilla Jr. (Little Godzilla) from the Heisei era. Do you like him or hate him. Personally I enjoy him much more than Minya.

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