Cant Quit Evaluation – with the Vasel girls

Tom and the girls critiques this reprint by Gryphon of this Sid Sackson classic

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11 thoughts on “Cant Quit Evaluation – with the Vasel girls

  1. My parents played this game a lot with there friends from before i was born. When I was old enough this was the game that taught me probability.

  2. Holy crap, they reprinted this!? My parents still have the old version, and I used to love this game, but I'd never seen it for sale anywhere. It's a great push-your-luck game, very simple to learn, for anyone here wondering how it plays.

  3. if i ever met you in puplic i'm playing you in pass the pig to farkle for money sounds like it would be easy money

  4. Definitely a game with legs. I got a decrepit old game of CS off of ebay years ago and it plays just fine.. they made that old plastic version TOUGH!!

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