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Over one week in September, and over a distance of more than 15000 miles, our editors drove every new 2013 model under 000, as well as our returning win…
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There is no way to enjoy an Audi S4 within the bounds of the law. This car is stupid fast. That would be a non-issue if the car looked fast. It doesn’t. An S…

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Consumer Reports New Car Ratings & Reviews Magazine December 2013

Car And Driver: Tested : 2013 10Best Cars - CAR And DRIVER


Car And Driver: Tested : 2013 10Best Cars - CAR And DRIVER

Price: $ 1.10

50 thoughts on “Car and Driver: Tested : 2013 10Best Cars – CAR and DRIVER

  1. These guys are the reason why I like Motor Trend. They don’t know shit
    about cars, just look at them, 

  2. That fatass is talking about the GTIs breaks being not so great, when he’s
    half the cars weight!

  3. Its companies like car and driver that turned me away from their retarded
    biased shitty reviews. This company should fire more than half of its staff
    and hire competant, knowledgeable people. Not fucking hobo’s that are still
    amazed by shitty BMW’s and Honda’s.

  4. The BRZ/FRS “with engine options” could be the most special car in decades!

  5. As an owner of a 2014 Cayman I am bias – go Porsche!

  6. $15k to $80k is too big of a price gap imo. Should be broken into 2 or even
    3 price ranges. Then do a Top Ten consisting of all, with notable mentions
    for each category. 

  7. Best Cars of 2013

    Car and Driver: Tested : 2013 10Best Cars – CAR and DRIVER

  8. Not trying to be biased just because I own an sti but seriously a wrx or an
    sti should have made the list they are simply brilliant cars 

  9. To everyone who’s wondering where the Charger and Camaro are: they missed
    the competition…they were too busy doing each other in the tailpipe.

  10. Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart should have made it

  11. I don’t know why but I love researching cars.

  12. Mazda3 is car I’ve ever owned since 2005; the 2013
    Kia Rio is unbelievably well designed..and I heard its Forte variant has
    challenged the 3 in some reviewer ratings..Peter Schreyer gets the credit
    there …for now…and I better test the Focus if C&D think it’s better
    than the Mazda3..former twin of it and the Volvo

  13. What about the Tesla model s, the Nissan 370Z, Alfa romeo Gulietta, and
    Mercedes C,E,or B class cars. Also, if you bought a used Countach you can
    get it as low as 14,500 dollars. More selection next time.

  14. How come the Hyundai genesis coupe didn’t make the list?

  15. The 2.5L 4cy engine in my 1998 Ranger w/207,000mi has NEVER BEEN REPAIRED!
    Bought new w/12mi n am extremely happy!

  16. Love my BRZ. Not the fastest car ever, but so fun to drive.

  17. I think the Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 3 is much better than the Focus. It
    should be on there instead.

  18. AHAHAHA I’m a proud owner of an S4 and must say that literally EVERYTHING
    said in this video is correct, even down to the “everyone who bought an
    Audi S4 looked at an M3 first”…

    You guys are awesome (Y)

  19. Omg perfect timing, just finished the Toyota Cressida video <3

  20. Oh and I don’t know about Audi owners being douches. I don’t know any and
    don’t know the stereotype. In my experience they drive “normal”.
    Toyota+VW drivers cluelessly get in the way by driving terribly slowly,
    Honda owners do the same but with white knuckles because think they are
    driving crazy fast, big car drivers are teh same but have white hair, bike
    riders are either awesome or go 30 under the speed limit in the passing
    lane, truck drivers go slow but ALL tailgate and slow down a lot whenever
    they hit a hill then speed up on the backside, and everybody else is
    invisible to me. They go 5 mph over the limit in the correct lane 80% of
    the time. Mitsubishi drivers live at the dealership and know the name of
    the children of every tow truck driver in town.

  21. Come review my Bronco. It’s big and white just like my…..

  22. Honestly I think the douchebag persona applies more to BMW owners than Audi
    owners. Most people don’t even really know what an Audi is, but everyone
    knows exactly what a BMW is and they know it’s expensive. This is why a lot
    of douchebags by BMWs, to show off to other people.

  23. “I am not used to fast things!”
    Two seconds later
    “Go Fast time!”


  25. Well I mean, M3’s can be 4-doors 😉 and the new F30 M3 only comes in sedan
    form;) See what I’m hinting at? 😉 THE E36 IS NO LONGER ENOUGH I THIRST FOR

  26. I don’t think you ever get used to fast really, my 02 Altima with the V6 is
    hardly a speed demon, but its not what you’d call slow either. That little
    thrill I get when I give it enough gas is always fun. 

  27. All of this was gold. Especially the ‘manual’ comments. Awesome job man!

  28. Audi says the 3.0TFSI V6 is rated @ 333hp. Anyone who driven one will know
    that’s absolute BS; it is severely underrated from the factory. It’s
    actually closer to the region of 350hp at the crank, and ~333hp AT THE
    This is to 1. lower insurance and 2. give breathing space to the ~$80,000

    A tune & chip later, you’d be blasting past Camaro SS & M3s. Watch Chris
    Harris review; the 3.0TFSI is extremely potent when tuned.

    This is the car that universally makes BMW 335i owners cry. You can also
    get one used for Lancer Evo X money too. And because of this, I love it.

  29. Oh Jesus. I just realized how fucking true that line about rough sex is.
    I’ve been ruined.

    It’s to that point that I’m now sort of a racist? I judge how hard I get to
    choke a bitch by how dark her skin is. 

  30. So this gen s4 is less powerful than the one from 2005? That’s bullshit.

  31. Dude, you can’t compare this to an M3. More like a 335i. For that, the
    answer would be RS4, but we don’t get it. 

  32. as an 05 s4 owner… i wanted more douche bag jokes. audi owners are
    dickwads. lol.

  33. No clutch? No manual. No Clutch? No manual. lol I still want one. #Audi Regular
    Car Reviews: 2013 Audi S4

  34. Audi’s are regular here, so common 😛 but the Audi S5 looks so stealth but
    sounds so good!

  35. Audi S4 = BMW 335i, not M3

    Audi RS 4/RS 5 = BMW M3/M4

  36. See I think that’s why people who buy the S4 opt for it over the M3… it’s
    not shouty, and it allows them to blend in when they want to do so.

    Only people who recognize the mirror caps and exhaust outlets will know
    what they’re looking at. I think that ideal holds true for the entire Audi
    family of cars, even the R8 … because the owner could’ve purchased a
    Lamborghini, but wanted a hint of civility (even if it’s a small one).

    Great stuff as always though guys.

  37. FUCK YES FINALLY SOMEBODY HAS SAID IT! If it doesn’t have 3 pedals, it’s

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