15 thoughts on “Casey Powell Lacrosse 16 Review (PS4)

  1. Football not soccer ;). It only played by foot 😀 Dont know nothing about lacrosse but it has no influence from Football or as you call it soccer.

    Will try this out when its cheap.

  2. Does anyone relies how hard it is to make the game of lacrosse in to a video game there are so many things you can do if you look at this game compared to and I phone lacrosse game you will appreciate this game and price

  3. How good is the customization for the leagues? I heard you cannot change
    the number of teams so what is the most teams you can have in a custom

  4. This was an excellent review! I'm really iffy on spending $50 but this looks like a really fun game. I've been dying for a lacrosse game for years and this looks sweet.

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